“Missing, Discovered Buried”


-Local Journalist Confirms Death Of ‘Commercial Driver’

By Esau J. Farr

Report from Margibi County says a commercial driver who recently went missing in the area is known to have died and buried without the knowledge of any of his family members.

According to a report filed in by a local journalist from the area, Mohammed Sarnoh, 50, was reported to have been chartered by an unknown man to take him to Harbel via the 15th Gate route on the 27th of September 2018, but was not seen until report of his death and burial near the Farmington River.

As part of the deal, he picked up some passengers who he later dropped at the Monrovia-15th Gate Junction and later used the Kakata-15th Gate route to get to Harbel as agreed between him and his potential attacker unknowingly.

Mohammed (the driver) is said to have mercilessly been tortured by unknown men leaving him unconscious while his NISSAN PEMERIA was taken away by his alleged attackers to unidentified location.

He was later taken to the Firestone Hospital by an unknown person who is said to have rescued him from the hands of his attackers.

Sarnoh is reported to have been admitted at the Firestone Hospital where he was seeking treatment, but died six days after he was taken at the hospital, reports the local journalist.

It is reported that hospital authorities launched a search for relatives of the late Mohammed Sarnoh during his treatment and after his death, but could not get any trace of his family members or relatives.

Authorities of the hospital are said to have been constrained and later buried the victim at the banks of the Farmington River after search for his relatives proved futile.

Few days after the man was buried, some family members got a tip-off about their missing relative’s status and after inquiries with hospital authorities, it was indeed confirmed that the picture shown to family members was that of Mohammed Sarnoh.

The son of the deceased is said to have launched a rigorous search for his father whom many relatives and friends described him as someone who was not in the habit of sleeping out for more than a night and therefore, his stay away from his home for more than three nights sparked concerns amongst his family members and friends thus staging a group search for him on October 1, 2018 to no avail until his death and burial news to the disappointment of all.

Meanwhile, family members of the deceased are calling on government and human rights actors to intervene and bring the suspects behind the killing of Mohammed Sarnoh in order to serve justice and allay fears from pedestrians and commercial drivers using the 15th Gate-Harbel Route for trade or travel purposes.

Residents of the area are quoted as expressing fear to travel on the 15th Gate-Harbel route especially at night for fear of being kidnaped or killed by unknown people.

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