Minister Kpui Cleared

MONROVIA-An investigation conducted on allegations of simple assault against one of our senior officers, Chief Superintendent Gibson Koung, Alias, U-147 has exonerated Minister Trokon Kpui of having a hand in the allegation brought against him by officer Koung.

A press release issued Monday by  the Liberia National Police Spokesman, P. Moses  Carter, Snr said, On Sunday, July 18, 2021, a verbal exchange took place between Minister Kpui and officer Koung in Paynesville while the officer was carrying out his normal traffic regulatory function.

The investigation established that Minister Kpui did not assault officer Koung, as was alleged, but there was a heated verbal exchange that took place between Minister Kpui’s security and officer Koung.

“In a face to face investigation, Officer Koung noted that he did not know whether Minister Kpui is a Senior government official, something which prolonged the verbal exchange between them,” the release said.

As a result of this, the  release said, Minister Kpui has been cleared of all allegations of wrong doing and that officer Koung has also reached out to the Minister and expressed regret for his action.

The LNP remains very committed in upholding the rule of law irrespective of anyone’s status.







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