Mines & Energy Ministry Ends Day Long Strategic W/shop

MONROVIA-The Ministry of Mines & Energy has ended a one-day in-house workshop aimed at presenting the new design of the “Regional Off-Grid Electricity Access Project” to the relevant actors in each country and to mobilize these actors for an active collaboration both in the implementation phase.

The Regional Off-Grid Electricity Access Project is an ECOWAS-funded project on national kick-off awareness rising for policymakers on stand-alone Solar PV technologies.

According to ECOWAS Ambassador to Liberia Josephine Nkrumah, is it an establishment of an enabling policy framework for off-grid PV market development.

Ambassador Nkrumah furthered that the national workshops will specifically focus on sustainable access to electricity services, the situation of stand-alone solar systems in the targeted countries; institutional and regulatory frameworks of the stand-alone solar systems sector; possible progress and achievements as well as major challenges in the dissemination of stand-alone solar systems among others.

Ambassador Josephine Nkrumah said she is optimistic that the participants have existed status of the off-grid solar systems; existing regulations in the sub-sector ranging from legal texts, tax incentives, etc. are shared;  as well as difficulties and challenges related to the dissemination of off-grid solar technologies.

“Potential synergies of action between ROGEAP and ongoing initiatives for the development of the sub-sector are identified. A list of the key actors’ technical assistance needs is established, and dialogue between the private sector, public actors, and financial institutions is initiated”. Ambassador Nkrumah maintained.

The ECOWAS Ambassador however called on participants to take keen of the training as to have a proactive institution.

Meanwhile, the national workshop was in attendance by the World Bank, ECOWAS Representative, Civil Society, Land, Mines & Energy Ministry, and the media which was held on Thursday, June 8, 2023 at the Corina Hotel in Monrovia.

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