Min Tweah Condemned


-For ‘Provocative Statements’

Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah has been vehemently condemned by Liberians for his ‘provocative statements’ that the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) will remain in power perpetually in the country.

Speaking to a group of supporters and partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, Minister Tweah said the CDC is poised to be in power the longest.

When the statements took center stage on most of the talkshows in monrovia, Liberians who called on those radio stations condemned the Minister, saying his statements are very ‘provocative’ and shouldn’t be coming from a senior government official like him.

According to some of the callers on Okay FM and other radio stations, the intention of the CDC perpetual stay in power is by rigging future elections in country.

They further alleged that it is such intention that the governing CDC wants to take control of the Supreme Court Bench, by removing tenure positions in the country.

Minister Tweah is on record for making controversial statements despite his position as Finance Minister.

He raised another debate recently when he announced that Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor was sick, forgetting that the VP has an official spokesman in her office.

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