Michael Thomas Foundation Identifies With 3yrs Old Rape Victim

MONROVIA-Another child has fallen victim to rape in Liberia as the issue of rape ranges high notwithstanding the warning signed by Liberian president, George M. Weah.

Recently, a three-year-old baby was raped by a 17-year-old boy who according to a medical report penetrated the child 6ins deep, combining the anus and virgin.

“Good for us, the surgery was successful to separate both” Michael Thomas said Tuesday morning.

The action of the 17 years old boy has claimed much attention including, Atty. Michael Thomas, head of the Michael Thomas Foundation.

He said to reporters, “Aside from politics Folks, the three years old kid in the photo who is the same age as our Daughter was raped two day ago by a 17 year old Dude in the same neighborhood near Dr. Swaray Hospital in Soul Clinic.”

According to him, he and his wife moved in and realized that the condition of the kid was very terrible and they had to take the kid night before last at the Hospital.

According to him, the foundation made a deposit of US200.00, provided for her provisions, and expressed their commitment to even take her out of the Country for advance medical care if the condition persists.

Atty. Thomas added, “Kindly keep her in your Prayers. Her health and safety matters.”

He used the time to discourage people who have considered the raping of kids as a pleasure to stop as it is projecting a very bad image of the country to the outside world.

He is calling on the government of Liberia to put out very tougher punishment for those who have “lost sense of direction.”

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