MICAT Boss Warns Media Houses

By Mark B. Dumbar

Information Minister, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie has cautioned media outlets in Liberia to avoid disseminating fake news and disinformation ahead of the pending Presidential run-off election.

According to him, the dissemination of fake news has the propensities to create conflict in the country as has been seen in other countries around the world. Minister Renniesaid it is incumbent upon the media to preach anti-peace messages across the country to every Liberian, as they are gearing up to vote on November 14 in the Presidential run-off election.

Rennie further that it is one of the fundamental pillars of democracy that media outlets must follow to avoid war or violence in the country. The MICAT boss urged every media outlet to preach anti-peace messages on their platforms during their daily broadcast and publication to avoid threats of war; which he says has become the practices of some politicians to create violence.

According to him, Liberian journalists should uphold the ethics of quality journalism in the pending Presidential run-off election and stop preaching fake and disinformation to the public. “They just want to bolster the chances of their political party, he added.

He said the Liberian media must give more attention to policy issues being touted by the parties and political contenders. According to him, the Liberian media must avoid the temptation of disseminating fake news and disinformation across to the public.

The MICAT boss said the fake news and disinformation often originate from social media platform and otherplatforms which usually create panic in the public that sometimes lead to violence or loss of lives in the country.

Rennie said the Liberian people primarily focus is on maintaining the country hard-earned peace, as it consolidates its democratic credentials.

He furthered that the pending Presidential run-off election is just a contest for Liberians to choose their leader for the next six years. The MICAT boss said the eyes of the international community will be focused on Liberians, how they will perceive and engaged the Presidential run-off election on November 14, 2023.

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