Medica Liberia Holds Top-Level National Session 

at the local level,” the women’s advocacy group head noted. 
“I think this is going to do a lot of great things for us. It will restore self-confidence in women to advocate for their own rights and will make them form part of major decision-making processes at different levels. Under this project, we are mostly going to be involved in engaging in various state actors including the Legislature and local authorities on the inclusion of gender into our county’s development plans and activities,” Madam Woyea furthered. 
“Also, we are going to use this opportunity to train women to know their full rights so that they can stand the chance to participate in the county decision-making processes at local governance levels, where they canalso take the challenge to go out there to contest other statuses like local level leaderships like town chiefs, paramount chiefs, commissioners and national level positions such as Representatives and Senators,” she pointed out. 
Madam Woyea wants all hands on deck in addressing all forms of gender and sexual-based violence. 
“We should see this as an opportunity for all of us to tackle the issue of gender and sexual-based violence because this is everyone’s business. Ending violence against women should be everyone’s involvement. I want to call on local authorities to get involved in the campaign of ending violence against the marginalized in society,” she mentioned. 
Mr. Railey G. Myers, Assistant Superintendent for Development of Nimba County, says gender mainstreaming in the country’s development process is the right step in the right direction to inclusive development because this approach leaves no one behind. 
“Gender mainstreaming in our time is the right step in the right direction and we all should find a way to work in line with that, because in making decisions, people of all walks of life including disabilities others voices should be heard at the top decision-making table,” the Nimba County Development Superintendent maintained. 
He disclosed that Nimba County has moved some tangible steps towards gender inclusiveness, especially when it comes to addressing the plight of the marginalized.
“This idea is new and no one is on top of it, but gradually we are getting there. In Nimba, we have made some strides; for instance, we all agreed at our county sitting that people with disability be given a space and so a modern office was constructed in the county.  Nimba is taking some steps in the promotion of gender issues. There will be more done after this project. This project will help to boost our intent and I can assure you that there will be more gender-inclusive activities,” the Nimba County assistant administrator among other things stated.  

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