Media takes Liberian port manager to Task

MONROVIA-Liberian media has taken the National Port Authority -NPA  managing Director to task for failing to settle its financial obligations to it. A statement issued late Thursday said.

The Publishers Association of Liberia is calling on the managing director of the National Port Authority-NPA,  Bill Twehwah, to settle financial obligations to media institutions to avoid severe consequences.

The NPA boss has refused to settle his indebtedness to a number of media houses for over three years,  after performing legitimate media-related services for the port despite several promises made and discussions held with it.

PAL sees the action of the NPA  management as a deliberate attempt to strangulate and further increase hardship on the media. The NPA owes a minimum amount to the media.

PAL  believes the delay in settling media payments could lead to souring the already cordial relations between the government and the media.

“We think the attitude of Mr. Twehwah is deliberate and an affront to the already struggling media landscape. We cannot do legitimate work for his entity and time to pay, you and your team start to play games with the media. This is unacceptable,” Mr. Othello Garblah, president of PAL said.

PAL is therefore demanding in the strongest term for NPA  boss to settle all media debts or else it would take any legal and professional action for the betterment of the media.

Some of the payments have lasted over three years and NPA has admitted to owning a number of media houses.

“We do not want to have any indirect confrontation with the government due to the inability or refusal to pay media debts.  We are calling on the president, George Weah to prevail on his appointed official to settle these payments.  You cannot tell me that NPA  is broke and unable to pay its obligations,” Mr. Garblah further said.



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