Mechanic Union Extols Gov’t for Operational Status-Leads Effort to Register Garages, Mechanics Nationwide

MONROVIA-The National Mechanic Union of Liberia has expressed thanks and appreciation to the Government of Liberia for formally recognizing its efforts to supervise activities of mechanics and garages across the country.

The establishment of the Union by group a of Liberians is aimed at maintaining and upholding the dignity and integrity of the mechanic profession through a standard and effective regulatory system that will unite, protect and seek the welfare of all mechanics in Liberia.

As a registered National Trade Union Organization, the National Mechanic Union is seeking a positive collaboration and cooperation from the National Government through its line Ministries and Agencies implementing policies related to Mechanics and Garages operations.

The focus is to unionize all mechanics under one umbrella from all sectors, with the hope of creating an enabling environment where everyone is given equal opportunity to benefit from their profession and services delivered,” says Mohammed Conneh, President of National Mechanic Union of Liberia.

Mohammed Conneh, the Organization lead said; “We are also seeking collaboration from the general public as well as local and International partners interested in implementing programs and policies aimed at the following: To regulate the activities and efficiency of all mechanic under one umbrella through a uniform code of professional ethics(cope).

Conneh explained that the Organization is also indended to identify, engage and collaborate with national and international partners to implement programs geared towards the improvement and well-being of mechanic in Liberia. To advocate, protect and promote the rights, interest and dignity of all mechanics within the length and breadth of Liberia.

He noted that the Organization is to also act as bridge or liaison between the mechanic and the national government in transmitting all government policies meant to be observed or adhered to by mechanic.

The institution is therefore encouraging all Mechanics in Liberia, as well as those operating garages, and others to take ownership by registering their membership with the National Mechanic Union.

Registration is ongoing through our Field Agents visiting your garages.”


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