McGill Lashes Official for Being Insensitive

MARGIBI-Sanctoned  Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in the CDC government, Nathaniel Felo McGill has lashed out at officials in the Weah Government whom he said are leaking sensitive government information to the opposition.

Nathaniel McGill is amongst two other Weah officials who were sanctioned by the United States Government for corruption and forced to resign.

It has been rumored that Nathaniel McGill is still controlling a lot of stuff in the Weah Government despite leaving his post.

In a recent outburst, Nathaniel McGill issued a threat to his colleagues in the government that they will not form part of the Government if President Weah wins a second term.

Since McGill’s resignation, it has been alleged that he is surreptitiously running the Ministry of State.

He continues to allegedly speak on government matters and even represents the president in local government functions.

The former Minister also accused Weah officials of not showing concern for ordinary people living around them.

In his recent outburst, the former minister and chief of office staff in the office of President Weah said the Weah officials are very mean.

“They are so mean that they are not known by the people in their neighborhood.

“I can guarantee you that the majority of you will not return to the cabinet, but President Weah will return to the Executive Mansion,” McGill stressed.

The former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs was speaking Saturday, May 6 when he accepted a petition to contest the senatorial seat of Margibi County.

He was petitioned by a group under the banner ‘First Time Voters of District#1’ at the Rock International School in Lower Margibi.

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