McGill Breaks Silence

Margibi County Senator-elect Mr. Nathaniel McGill has deniedreports of owning properties in foreign countries, labeling such claims as lies and challenging those making the allegations to prove him wrong.

The Margibi Senator-elect made the statement on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, in response to a claim by the host of the SpoonTV nighttime show, Mr. Stanton Witherspoon, who asserted that the former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs owns a house in Dubai.

“I do not own property outside of Liberia. When I was sanctioned, some of these questions came up. I am also encouraging the government to seize the building Stanton claims I own in Dubai and use it as an embassy if it’s mine.”

According to him, the only way properties outside of Liberia would be his is if someone bought the property and put it in his name. However, he challenged Stanton to turn over the documents proving property ownership to the Liberian government, so it can be seized.

He criticized Mr. Witherspoon for exhibiting attitudes that resemble those of 1980, after the coup that led to the death of many who were killed as a result of false accusations and lies. He welcomed the call for an audit, noting that people should take charge of their stewardship.

McGill also emphasized the need for the establishment of a specialized court to deal with people guilty of corruption and atrocities. He stated, “As an incoming member of the 54th Legislature, I will lobby with his colleagues to ensure that happens. Once you have committed no crime, you should not be afraid of the call for an audit. I don’t think it’s a wrong call for asset declaration.”

Responding to calls about him not being allowed to take his seat in the Senate as a result of the sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department, he said, “the issue of sanctions on me was not meant to stop me from taking a seat; it was only meant for people to change their behaviors.”

Regarding the candidate for pro tempore of the Liberian Senate, McGill stated that there is currently no candidate of his choice and that of the CDC but promised that they (CDC) will consolidate and proffer a candidate. This statement contradicts reports that Senator Emmanuel Nuquay is the CDC consensus candidate in the Senate against the UP candidate Nyounblee Karnga-Lawrence.

Speaking about the defeat of the CDC in the just-ended elections, he lauded President Weah for being magnanimous in accepting defeat in the field of politics, despite doubts that he would have accepted the results. “It may be painful for us in the CDC, but we have to accept the reality because that’s public service.”

McGill believes the President’s decision has set a new standard for Liberia’s democracy to flourish, expressing optimism that there is still a bright future for the CDC. He added that the margin from the recent election signals a reincarnation of a two-party state between the CDC and UP. “I think it is incumbent on either side of the divide to perform well.”

Senator-elect McGill further maintained that his relationship with President Weah remains tight, despite the election results. McGill then cautioned public officials to refrain from making statements that have the propensity to disrupt the peace of the country and lauded members and sympathizers of the CDC for their commitment.

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