Mayor Koijee Wants CDCians Regroup Ahead Of Dec 8

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-Says Party Under Attack

By R. Joyclyn Wea:

The Chairman of the Primaries Organizing Committee (POC) of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is rallying electorates particularly partisans of the CDC to regroup and rescue the party as it is ‘under attack.’

Speaking with voters on Tuesday July 28, 2020 in district #14, Jefferson Tamba Kojie alleged that the CDC is being ‘attacked’ by some ‘bad reactionary forces’ and as such; partisans must rise up to defend and resist the death of the party.

“For some of us who were born to poor parents and for some of you who do not have anything, the only property you get to leave with your children is the CDC. That is why you should live for the CDC, you must save the CDC because it is the only assurance you have on this earth,” Mayor Koijee said.

Koijee is the Mayor of the Government of Monrovia and the chairman of the youth league of the governing CDC.

According to him, electorates or partisans can resist the death of the party through their commitment and delegation in the pending December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial elections.

He wants the CDC to be the way of life for partisans by putting away their differences by fighting and reclaiming the ‘child’ (CDC) they have given birth to.

Mayor Koijee also said “For us it is not to own Liberia; for us it is to create a space for every Liberian. There are some people who believe they are the owners of this country, we have come to say no gone are those days. That is why you have come here to demonstrate to them and because they failed to do what you can do, they will shamelessly come to condemn you.”

The MCC boss further said “You are stakeholders in this business, the CDC is yours. Moving forward if you say the CDC is your property you must protect your property. Strangers will not protect your property, but you the owner of this property must protect it. The district has been leading.”

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