Mass Burial!

MONROVIA- TNR-Totota, a Liberian town near the central city of Gbarnga, Bong County was a scene of tears and sorrow as dozens of victims of the recent gasoline tanker explosion incident were buried in mass graves.

Several victims of the recent Petro tanker explosion which occurred in Totota, Bong County have been laid in mass grave following a huge explosion along the Monrovia-Gbarnga Highway.

Doctors at the Phebe Hospital where most of the victims were taken have confirmed the death of over 40 persons since the incident occurred with more deaths expected in the coming days due to the severity of the wounds sustained following the explosion of the petro tankers near Totota, Bong County.

In a tragic accident on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, in Totota, Bong County, a gas tanker explosion led to a devastating explosion resulting in deaths and severely burnt on those believed to be residents of the area who trooped on the scene to get some of the petroleum products following the accident.

Late Wednesday evening, the district representative, Moima B. Mensah, Senator-elect, Johhny Kpehe along with family members and sympathizers stood in tears and witnessed the open grave burial of their citizens and loved ones.

It is reported that the victims had gone too close to the fallen tanker that was carrying a huge quantity of petrol (Gasoline) estimated at 9,000 gallons. As residents of Totota and motorbike riders gathered around the petrol tank, the tanker exploded into huge flames causing the deaths of several persons with several others sustaining severe injuries.

Reports indicate that numerous victims are now receiving treatment at various hospitals across Bong, Nimba, Margibi, and Montserrado Counties. The aftermath of the incident has left communities grappling with the impact of the explosion.

The aftermath of the explosion of the tanker carrying petroleum products in Totota, Bong County remains dire as several deaths have been reported following the incident.

Bong County is still reeling from shock and grief following Tuesday’s accident, where at least 40 people have now been confirmed dead and more than 60 others wounded after a fuel tanker exploded in Totota, lower Bong County.

TNR news gathered that the hospital is full owing to the large number of patients from the incident. Doctors and nurses who were not on duty have been called to reinforce service as the death toll rises.

Bong County Health Officer, Dr. Cynthia Blapooh said, “Unfortunately, we still have a lot of critically ill patients, including children and a pregnant woman, a total of 80 people.”

The tanker was involved in an accident on Tuesday afternoon which caused it to veer off the road and topple on its side, the police said on Tuesday. “Some people went there to take fuel from the tanker, in the process the tanker exploded,” said one police officer.

The tanker blast reportedly left over 40 persons dead. The tragic incident occurred during the late evening hours of Tuesday, December 26, as the tanker truck carrying gasoline, labeled, “God’s Willing,” overturned near the Upper Room Church and blasted into heavy flames.

Eyewitnesses state that some residents of the community were attempting to collect the spilled gasoline when the explosion took place, resulting in severe injuries and fatalities.

“When the tanker fell, many people came from all over the town. Some were only looking as the gas was spilling but others brought containers and were collecting the gas,” an eyewitness disclosed. “So in no time, the tanker blasted and caught fire as many people began running helter-skelter. Many people could not escape the blast.”

Another eyewitness said some community members could not escape the fire because they had already come in physical contact with the gasoline. “The fire ran behind plenty of people because the gas was on them. I can’t see many people surviving, but if some do, they will suffer severe burns,” he said.

The exact number of casualties remains unknown at this time but doctors at the Phebe Hospital have confirmed that up to present 40 persons have died as a result of the incident, while numerous victims are currently receiving medical treatment at the hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County.

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