Maritime to conduct IMO Audit

MARSHALL–The  Commissioner   of the Liberia Maritime Authority-(LMA) Hon. Lenn  Eugene Nangbe said his entity  will soon commence  an  IMO -International Maritime Organisation audit.

An IMO  audit is one in which marine related entities conduct audit of their own operations.

He made the statement at the program marking the reopening of the LMTI and second batch of cadets into the Institute in Margibi county  on Friday, March 5, 2021

“My administration  is working  with our agent-Liberia International Ship  and Corporate Registry-, have decided to perform an IMO audit  So that Liberian ports can   get the proper certification and accreditation,” he said.

When such audit is completed, it will place Liberia in a much  better position globally for effective use of its ports.

“In addition to that, we are trying to get ISPS compliance certificate-International Ship and Ports Security to  prevent terrorism and prevent harmful substances  to be transported from port to port,” he said.  This will  further put in place  a strong security measure on  Liberia’s ports. Already,  Liberia has been delisted from the  US  Coastguard  list.

The commissioner said, Since 1948, when Liberia launched its maritime pogrom,  it has been growing from strength to strength.  “ We have unique partnership with  several countries. And it is because  of those partnerships, today, Liberia  has the best shipping registry  and we are also the second largest ship registry in the world.”

He said, is was  about time for Liberia to have many sailors on vessels around the world.

“If we are the best in the world and also the second largest, why is it that we do not have so many sailors on vessels around the   world -vessels flying our flags?”

According to him,  they do not have  too many Liberians on vessels because they have not developed the capacities for the  people. “We have not prepared them for  service. This is why our administration,  working with  LISCR, that despite of the disease  of covid, we have re-opened  LMTI,” he said.

He thanked the USA  for its cooperation. “We  have strong relationship with them.  As a country.” Commissioner Nangbe said, to delist Libera from US list, it was a great milestone.

“These are important to reduce high cost of insurance premium on  vessels coming to Liberia. Due to the high cost of it, shipping to Liberia from  other countries are cheaper than  coming  to Liberia. Once we fail to  meet these international  protocols and benchmarks, our country will continue  to suffer and that is what we want to help reduce. It has a direct impact on the lives of our people.”

He added: “We have been mandated by the president that we abide by all international protocols we have signed onto.”




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