Margibi’s Council Sitting In Coma?

MONROVIA-Margibi County Superintendent, Jerry Varnie has reneged on taking the county for its Council sitting for the fiscal year, 2021-2022.

This is the fourth time that the County Superintendent has postponed the long awaited Margibi County sitting which should have been held Friday, May 13, 2022 in Kakata City, Margibi County.

According to information gathered, the County Administration has received Two hundred Thousand United States Dollars (U$200,000.00) from the Government of Liberia as county’s social Development Funds and additional Two hundred-twenty five thousand United States Dollars as land rental fees from Firestone Liberia.

The County’s social development fund is produced annually to each county in Liberia for developmental purposes.

The amount should have been debated by delegates from the five electoral Districts, civil society organizations, youth groups, Students Union amongst others during the past times the meeting was planned for.

Chapter five of the Local Government Act says, “the local people will participate in the planning of development agenda every year. Each local government must hold town hall meetings in the districts, towns, and communities with the people so that they can all decide on what development projects they want.”

“Whatever the people say at the town hall meeting will form the development agenda”, Chapter 5 of the act says.

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Finance and Development planning each year in FY2021/2022 allocated the sum of Four hundred twenty five thousand United States Dallas to the county’s account.

Residents in the five electoral Districts are now expressing concern as to why the county’s sitting continues to be postponed and thus causing the Superintendent to only be going in cycle.

Edwin Naymah, Clan Chief of Wilmaquellah Clan attributed the postponement of the County Council Sitting by authorities to what he calls corruption and unfairness in the leadership of the County.

“Margibi County officials are corrupt; the too many postponements of this year’s sitting, is raising serious alarm in this County”, Mr. Nagmah said.

“We are calling on national government to quickly look into this matter.”

Friday Edwin Crusor, head of Civil Society Organizations in Margibi has further threatened protestation in the coming days, if the sitting is not held.

“If the County’s sitting is not held in the coming days, the only alternative will be a mass protest in the county to call the attention of national government” Crusor said.

However, the county administration, headed by Superintendent Jerry Varnie has attributed the readjustments of the planned sitting to the lack of public awareness and proper selection of delegates to attend.

Supt. Varnie who didn’t mention a proper timeframe added that the proper date will be announced in due time.

Superintendent Varnie quoted Chapter 2 of the local government Act which says, “The local government in the county will have a County Council that will pass ordinances and regulations, approve budgets, and county development plans; and will have a County Administration headed by the Superintendent to implement local ordinances and national laws and policies. All local ordinances and regulations will have to be consistent with national laws and the Constitution of Liberia.”

He maintained that this portion gives rise to the county administration to fully regulate the affairs of the county.

“The County Sitting will be held in due time, we are calling on our people to remain kind”, Supt. Varnie noted. “The reason why we are having delays in this year’s sitting is to have proper awareness about the sitting before it’s held.”


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