Man Dies After Taking In Kush

By Mark B. Dumbar

Monrovia-Jan-18-TNR: Report emanating from the southeast county of Sinoe says 23 year-old, Leo Jarlapo has died after taking in kush in downtown Greenville City.

According to the report, the father of the deceased, whose name could not be mention said that the 23 year old man was sent to school; but refused to undergo instruction. Our source furthered that the deceased father heart is heavy for the loss of his son in the county.

According to the report, eyewitnesses said they only saw the victim standing unconscious without his leg moving.

Some residents of Greenville City said whenever the young people take in those harmful substances in the county; they behave funny and become abnormal. The residents said they had seen people of such, and they knew that he have taking a harmful substance.

According to the report, there are people in the county who are involved in selling harmful drugs including kush, a dangerous substance that is claiming the lives of young Liberians around the country. The residents in the downtown community narrated that they are suspecting that the deceased much have taken the ‘kush’ substance which led to his untimely demise. The father of the deceased said he will not speak on the issue until his son is buried.

At the same time, residents of downtown Greenville are calling on the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) to work more in the county to put an end to the taking in of ‘kush’ which is said to be killing the young people on a daily basis.

Our source furthered that on a daily-basis people are involved with those harmful drugs (kush), and at the final analysis they will eventually die.

Meanwhile, the community dwellers are calling on the government to intervene taking of harmful substances in the county including ‘kush’ which has become the deadly killer.

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