Make Determination In Samukai’s Case

…Sen. Zargo Calls on Supreme Court

By Mark N. Mengonfia-

MONROVIA-L ofa County Senator, Stephen Zargo, the lone Lofa County Senator of the County wants Supreme Court to make a determination in Brownie Samukai’s case  by expediting the process.

He said when the High Court of the land comes up with their final ruling, it places the County in a better position for equal representation at the Liberian Senate.

Samukai was elected by citizens of Lofa County to serve as senator of that county for the period of nine years, but since his election in December of 2020, he has been in legal battle from the National Elections Commission to the Lower court and up to the Supreme Court.

And since that case been at the court, the County is moving with one Senator something that has been described as disallowing the county of equal representation.

Speaking when he phoned in from Lofa on the Super Morning show, State Radio Talk show, Senator said “Lofa, unlike other counties have one Senator and it is this lone ranger who is speaking to you now”

According to the Lofa County lawmaker, the Court saw the Senator-elect liabilities and allowed him and now that the sons and daughters of the County have voted him their vote cannot be used.

“If the court had not cleared him, the people of Lofa would not have voted the way they voted” the senator said in the interview.

He wants the court to fast track the process to ensure that Lofa gets their representation at the Liberian.

“Let the Court make a determination. If the court will certificate him, let them certificate him and if it is not possible, let the court make the determination”

Senator Zargo who chairs Senate Committee on National Security said he has been handling the situation under cover  by de-escalating the tension that would have been in Lofa.

Recently, some citizens of Lofa County  protested in Monrovia and Lofa calling on the Court to unconditionally  certificate their Senator Elect, but due to his legal liabilities, the court is yet to make a determination in the case.

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