Major Boost For Weah’s Reelection

As lobbying intensities between the two candidates in the Presidential Run-off Election, the campaign of incumbent President George M. Weah has received a major boost as one of the heavyweights in Grand Bassa County politics has endorsed the Liberian leader for the runoff election.

Yesterday, former Foreign Minister and Grand Bassa County newly elected Senator, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley pledged his support to the reelection of President George Manneh  Weah ahead of the November 14, run-off election.

Ambassador Findley, Senator-elect of Grand Bassa County and former President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate made the endorsement during the afternoon hours of Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

According to Findley, he is supporting President Weah to ensure that Grand Bassa County benefits electricity, healthcare delivery, and vocational education amongst other developments.

“After consultations with my team, I believe that my support to President George Manneh Weah is to enable us to get electricity, vocational centers and so much development and growth for our county,” Findley added.

He furthered, “President Weah will create more jobs for Liberians and Im calling on every citizen to support PresidentGeorge Manneh Weah in the run-off election.

Findley’s endorsement of Weah comes days after he was pronounced the winner of the just-ended Senatorial elections in Grand Bassa County. With the announcement of the final results of the October 10, President and legislative Elections, politicians as well as political parties are crosscutting to either of the two parties in the run-off to showcase their political side.

Findley who was once in a rival with the ruling establishment now sees it differently and wants to score political goals. His endorsement of Mr. Weah political pundits believe is a major boost to the reelection of President Weah.

Many thought the Grand Bassa County Senator would have followed and listened to Alexander Benedict Cummings of the Collaborating Political Parties whom he supported during the October 10 polls but seems to be on the contrary as he has directed his support to Mr. Weah with just a in of run-off campaign.

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