Major Boost for Female Candidates

The headquarters of the African Liberation League was a scene of jubilation on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, when thousands of women under the banner,’’ Village Saving Association of Liberia,’’ endorsed the presidential bid of female candidate Sara Beysolow-Nyanti and Mr. Simeon Moribah of the African Liberation League.

This comes within less than a week when the National Elections Commission declared the campaign open throughout the Country and with about two months to Liberia’s Presidential and Legislative Elections.

’’Our decision is based on the African Liberation League’s vision of development for us as women and citizens of Liberia,” the women stated.

In their endorsement statement, Esther K. Wallace narrated that after months of proper scrutiny of various politicians across the country, they are now convinced and confident that the only solution to massive development is the African Liberation League. Madam Wallace, reading the endorsement statement Tuesday at the headquarters of the party in Congo Town said, the election of ALL will no longer allow women of the country to run to the central bank for loans on a 25 percent interest basis.

Speaking in acceptance of the Village saving women of Liberia’s endorsement, the Standard-bearer of the African Liberation League told the gathering that they intend to provide better opportunities for every citizen of the country if elected in October of this year.

‘’My team and I will provide you all better microloan opportunities and agricultural programs that will serve you all and your future generation,’’ She assured.

Reverend Nyanti who is gaining fame in less than a month in politics intoned that politics is not about mere talks rather; it is about making a difference in the lives of the ordinary citizens as a whole saying; that Liberia belongs to everyone and not the privileged few.


‘’The African Liberation League guaranteed you the Village Saving Women of Liberia that our leadership will focus on women’s empowerment which is one of the major pillars of our manifesto,” she noted.

For his part, the Vice Standard-bearer of the African Liberation League clarified that their quest to serve Liberia is not for themselves but rather; for the people of the country who they believe deserve better from the government they elect.

Mr. Simeon Moribah added’’ the problems of Liberia are glaring to everyone in and out of the Country and it is time for you all, the citizens to elect those with great experience in development like us.’’

The ALL-Vice standard bearer disclosed that there are great plans outlined by them to connect the country with major international partners, though they have complained that funds sent to Liberia have yielded no fruit over the years.

He called on voters to see the October 10 elections as a chance to rewrite the wrongs adding; the elections will determine the future of the country adding, ‘’I am encouraging all electorates to vote wisely on October 10 if not, the Country will be doomed’’ He cautioned.



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