Magistrate Jallah Trouble Over Allege Link To Money Launderer

MONROVIA-The Supreme Court is expected to  investigate the call log of one of its magistrates, Jorma Jallah, magistrate of the Monrovia City Court over his alleged link to a money launderer.

Patrick Wahi Hermann   Diega is  one of the corporate agents of Korlane Investment Liberia limited liability company through its president and corporate agent, recently indicted for money laundering, theft of property, wired fraud and criminal conspiracy.

FrontPageAfrica established that there were 115 incoming and outgoing  calls between Magistrate Jallah and Co-Defendant Patrick Wahi Hermann between December 2021 and January 5, 2022.

In some instances, the numbers of both men appeared in a row as incoming calls to the suspects and in other instances, both of them were called in a row by the Co-Defendant.

Based upon this, the High Court is expected to probe in order to ascertain the truthfulness of such allegation as it is against the ethnics of the profession; something that may lead to suspension of the magistrate if established that he is indeed in communication with the money launderer as reported.

Being troubled by the latest event, Magistrate Jallah has immediately communicated with the Press Union of Liberia; the mother body of all media institutions (PUL) to use its good office to cite the management of Frontpage Africa to a conference so that it can prove what he (Jallah) termed as reckless and irresponsible allegations.

In the communication dated January 13, 2022, Jallah rejected  and denied the publication noting that it is nothing less than blackmail.

Magistrate Jallah indicated that at no time  he (Jallah) ever communicated with any money-launderer, let alone Patrick Wahi Hermann, as claimed by the publication.

Magistrate Jallah challenged the newspaper to prove its allegations against his persons claiming that the newspaper based its publication from call logs, which has no iota of truth.

Although Jallah has a contempt power as a magistrate, but he prefers using such power pending the outcome of the conference with the PUL.

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