LWSC To Collect US$4M Debt


-As MD Kamara Vows New Reforms, Promises Performance Based-Elevation

The Management of the Liberia Water Sewer Corporation(LWSC), the nation’s sole producer and supplier of pipe borne water, has vowed to collect US$4M (Four Million United States Dollars) debt due the corporation, an amount which was accumulated over the years as a result of customers’ indebtedness (water bills) to the entity. 

LWSC New Managing Director, Duannah Kamara

At his recent takeover program held at the LWSC’s Fiamah Branch in Sinkor, Monrovia, the corporation’s new Managing Director, Duannah Kamara said: “For the LWSC to become what we want it to be and make a difference in the lives of our people, we must collect revenues that will make this objective a reality. There’s US$4M dollars out there, and we must do all we can to collect this money. We’ll set up a taskforce to collect this money because we need to expand our revenue baseline, which would eventually help transform the entity and by extension, the government and the country, including employees of this corporation.”

Relative to how the new management intends to actualize its vision for the forward movement of the corporation, MD Kamara also expatiated, saying, “We intend to strengthen the sales and marketing department of the LWSC because this is the engine of this institution. We’ll cutoff all unnecessary bureaucracies just to ensure that customers are encouraged to come and pay their water bills, so that we can contribute to the government’s projects and programs.”

He also announced that the corporation would expand its water supplies to central Monrovia, having realized that most businesses including hotels, motels, stores, shops, merchandize entities, residential areas, that are really in need of water, are heavily concentrated, MD Kamara also revealed.

With respect to rumors on the termination of the corporation employee’s contract, MD Kamara also intoned that “Don’t be afraid, we are not here to sack people. All we want you to do is to work harder than ever before and ensure that you perform on duty because, you owe loyalty to none of us here except to the LWSC and the Republic of Liberia. We’ll reward people here based on performance.”

Moving forward, MD Kamara also urged LWSC’s workers to unite and rally around the new management in order to make progress for the entity. “I am one person who don’t believe in hearsay and you say,” Duannah Kamara noted. Adding: “No one should come to me with trivial matters, except issues that surround the growth and development of the LWSC. I urge you to do your work and ensure that you do it the best of your ability.”

In the coming weeks or months, MD Kamara also revealed that the corporation would expand its water facilities and supplies throughout the nation’s fifteen political sub-divisions as a way of further increasing its revenue capacity and also meeting the water demand of the Liberian people.

He also assured the LWSC’s general workforce that the new management team will always speak with one voice. “For our part, we will continue to speak with one voice here. I believe that when we work as a team, we’ll do better. I believe that the change that we collectively desire must come from us (LWSC family).”

Kamara also promised that his management will always seek advice from his predecessors whom he lauded for laying down a positive quota for the corporation during their term of service. “To my predecessors, I say to you that we’ll always call on you when you are needed because, had it not been for your hard work, the LWSC would not have been to where it is today. I thank you, and I am grateful for the great job you’ve carried out and also your service to country.”

“We’ve come to work with you,” expressed new LWSC’s Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services, Dan Saryee. Adding: “We didn’t come with all of the ideas. Instead, we have come to build on what you have done and to ensure that we collectively move this corporation to another level.”

Also attending the LWSC’s swearing in program, partners of the corporation, including USAID, thanked the entity’s new management team for the guarantees it has provided. The partners also assured that they will continue working with the LWSC in order to ensure that the corporation delivers on its statutory responsibilities.

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