LWSC Dismisses Two Employees, Dissolves Workers Union

MONROVIA-The management of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation has with immediate effect dissolved its Workers Union for what the Corporation termed as “ Gross Insubordination and Misconduct “.

“ The Management of LWSC has hereby dissolved our Workers Union for acts incompatible with decency and gross insubordination on the job “; LWSC Communication Director told the Media on Tuesday .

According to the Corporation’s Spokesperson, the Managing Director had honored a meeting request with the President of the Union on Tuesday when some members of the Union insulted and disrespected the office of the managing Director.

Nimpson Todd hinged the Corporation’s decision to dissolve the Union on “ Lack of Confidence “.

“ We cannot continue to have individuals in our system purporting to be leaders when they express absolutely no level of respect and regard to authority “; Nimpson Todd furthered.

The Liberia Water and Sewer Communications Chief disclosed that three members of the Union’s leadership ; namely: Ralph Jahny, Fred D. Gardley and Henry Gbiah disrespected the office of the managing Director in the presence of representative of the Mother Union Leadership .

“ In the wisdom of the Corporation, we cannot continue to have such elements in our system and controlling our employees; Todd told the media .

The Corporation is hereby calling in all employees to go about their normal work duties as heads of departments will are clothed with the authority to supervise the Corporation’s staff .

Accordingly, Todd noted that the Liberia water and sewer Corporation is a Public utility and a para- status institution; therefore the existence of a Workers Union Leadership is a privilege and not a right.

Meanwhile, the Liberia Water and sewer Corporation has with immediate effect dismissed three of its employees for misconduct , acts incompatible with decency on the job and flagrant disregard for authority .

LWSC Communications Director named the dismissed staff as Ralph Jahny, Fred D. Gardley and Henry Gbiah.

Nimpson  said the Corporation’s decision to dismiss the three staff is in consonance with Chapter 14.3 A of the Decent Work Act of 2015.

According to the LWSC Spokesperson, the three individuals have consistently disrespected authority , incited their co- workers and steered up violence at the Corporation.

The management had requested that all government’s assets in their Possession be turned over by the dismissed staff.

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