Lutheran Church Massacre Survivors Narrate Heart Breaking, Painful Experience

In an emotional faction while reflecting on the painful and tragic moment on that faithful day, some survivors of the infamous Lutheran Church Massacre narrated on how they loss their family members, friends and love ones during Liberia’s dark past.

Narrating his experience, one of the survivors say, “I saw the people entered from the church backdoor and line-up in the Church and  they later started shooting and killing men, women and Children, I  wanted to go upstairs  but there was no way so I just drop under the bench, I heard my son saying Papa, we are dying, but nothing I  could do at the time to help him,” he added.

According to the massacre victim, he got shot in the leg during the process and was lucky to have sustained wounds among others unlike those who unfortunately loss their lives.

Explaining further, he disclosed that he saw about nine hundred people at the Lutheran Church who all went to seek refuge at the Church some of them  he stated came from JFK and other places but unfortunately, the Church too could not save them as most of them got shot and killed by what he described as wicked and heartless people.

“I thank God for making me survived the Lutheran Church Massacre and I am today serving as a living testimony to let people know that God cares,” he noted.

According to another victim and survivor of the infamous Lutheran Church Massacre, she appreciates God for being alive today, however, she feels useless only because she cannot do anything for herself due to the terrible wounds sustained as a result of the massacre.

“As I speak to you, I still have two bullets in my back, I was taken to the Catholic Hospital by a Catholic Bishop, an X-ray was done but according to the Doctor, if they remove the bullets from where it is currently, I will die, she concluded in tears.


At the same time, another victim and survival who loss all of her children including husband and is now with one leg, said she normally does not like to come to the Lutheran Church because it always reminds her of the painful and horrible experience she had thirty-three years ago.

“I lost my leg in the heavy shooting at the Church including my four children and husband; this is painful,” she stated.

The emotional testimony by the victims did not end due to the sorrows, tears and heart-breaking moment.

According to the victims, they want those who committed such hideous crime against them including other innocent people to face the full weight of the law in order to serve as a deterrent to others.

They at the same time, call on the government to see the need to help victims and survivors of the Lutheran Church Massacre as well as others who were badly affected as a result of the crisis.

Meanwhile, the heartless situation meted against some innocent people at the Church by their own people has now been recorded in the history of Liberia and has also re-emphasized the need for actions to be taken in order to avoid the recurrence of the dark past.

Among other things, the campaign for the establishment for war and economic crimes court in Liberia is of no exception as victims and survivors will be happy if such can be achieved for the betterment of the country.



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