LP, ANC, UP Unite


-As Oppositions To Keep Watch Of CDC

By R Joyclyn Wea

Three opposition political parties in the just ended 2017 Presidential and Representative elections in Liberia have united, thus, joining ranks to hold the George Weah Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government feet to the fire in the running of the country.

Cummings (ANC)                  Karnga-Lawrence (LP)        Boakai (UP)

The Unity Party (UP), Liberty Party (LP), and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) said they have decided to found such a collaboration in the interest of the Liberian people as a means of ensuring the continue democratic evolution and to protect the hard won and fought for freedoms.

Reading the group’s statement Monday, June 4, 2018, at the Liberty Party headquarters in Congo Town, Jacob Smith, Secretary General of Liberty Party clarified that all three (3) parties will maintain their independent identities and leadership but noted that the collaboration is to articulate common solutions and alternatives to the country’s challenges.

“We will also collaborate to hold the CDC led government accountable to our constitution and people as our young democracy continues to evolve,” Smith indicated.

Subsequently, Smith asserted that the political leaders from the three collaborating parties would meet along with the legal and other appropriate teams to work out the framework and other political modalities.

Accordingly, these three political parties were among several political parties that make headway or made mark during the October 10, 2017 presidential and legislative elections in the country.

The elections and transition of power from one democratically elected government to another of a different political party, delivered a major milestone in the democratic evolution of the country.

Meanwhile, the parties thanked partisans and all Liberians for their belief and support and called on other well-meaning opposition parties to join ranks.

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