Lofians say Ready to Receive Pres. Weah

ZORZOR-Hundreds of residents  in Lofa, Liberia’s largest county are said to be in strong readiness to receive president George Weah  when he visits there soon, according to our correspondent.

“Currently, the momentum is very high here. Every town is mobilizing residents to clean and ensure that they  show their true county support to the president,”  said Superintendent  William Tamba Kamba.

He said, the crowd seen in other counties when president Weah  paid a visit to other counties, his people are prepared to overcome such numbers.

Already, several  citizens said  they are excited to see president Weah because as leader,   he is the father for all and his children are waiting to see him

“We are his children. We are eager to see him. Some children only saw him on TV but for him to come here on the ground, we are  waiting to see him. Do you what it means for your president to visit you?” Korto  Harris, a resident of Zorzor said.

President Weah is expected to  continue his nationwide county tour soon. He has already  visited many counties.

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