Lofians Concerned About Assassination Plan Against JNB

Some prominent citizens hailing from Lofa County have expressed concern over what they described as an assassination plan by Senator Prince Y. Johnson and some Nimbaians.

In a statement released by citizens of Lofa County, they said the latest statement from Senator Johnson shows that instead of Nimba supporting Lofa to the Presidency, it is a son of Nimba who wants to use the people of Nimba to assassinate Unity Party Standard Bearer, Joseph Nyumah Boakai who is a son of the county.

“We the citizens of Lofa despite our political differences are deeply concern and worry about such devilish and dangerous plan by a former warlord who is on record for killing the Late Samuel Kanyon Doe, a democratically elected president,” the citizens noted.

According to them, “While it is true that there has been serious question raised about the declining health status of the former Vice President evidenced by recent minor stroke he suffered and was admitted at the ELWA hospital and was flown abroad, we strongly believe that Boakai’s inner circle is aware that he is unfit to stir the affairs of the country beyond 2023 but are bent on using him for their selfish gains.”

“Now that it is clear that the JNB-JKK ticket is not democracy and Lofa but rather coup de tat in the making, we the citizens of Lofa on today declare the county’s full support to the 2nd term bid of President George Manneh Weah; a man whose presidency has made Sofians to know that power should only be given to those who think about improving the lives of the people and not to selfish politicians who ride on tradition,” the citizens of Lofa County pointed out.

The prominent Lofians noted, “This support we will go at any length to make a success by giving President Weah One Round Victor come October 10, 2023.”

They said Senator Johnson’s damaging leaked Audio reveals plans by the Nimba County lawmaker to eliminate Joseph Boakai if their ticket should emerge winner of the October 2023 election.

In the recent leaked audio, Prince Johnson is quoted as saying, “We’re fighting for Nimba County

to take the lead and Nimba will win in the name of Jesus. Bassa is with us, Gbarpolu with us, Bomi with us, Lofa with us, Bong County with us; what is your problem and you’re on the radio on me?

My brother, what have I done, you got to change.” Senator Johnson added, “We’re fighting for you. When y’all turn to this man [Weah] against our prayer for Nimba to produce Vice President – this old man is old, he took Koung to be his Vice President when he wins, isn’t it Koung that would be doing the job for him? Can he go everywhere? No!”

JarwoLi Jimmy, former Friend of JNB in Lofa county Chair Lady who presides over 17 different groups and campaigned for JNB in 2017, finally directs her groups support to Weah’s second term bid because of the PYJ’s devilish leaked audio.

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