Lofa Senatorial Candidate Attributes Lofa’s Problems to Poor Leadership

MONROVIA-Senatorial hopeful, Momo Cyrus attributed the current lack of underdevelopment in the County to poor leadership and disunity.

However, he assured his people that with togetherness and hard work, he will re-write the story in their respective interests.

“I will be your leader who will always listen to you all, I will use my lobbying skills and international contacts to develop Lofa”, he re-emphasized.

According to him, the County is now at a crossroads and it is the responsibility of the people to do the right thing on polling day to take Lofa to where it is used to be.

Poor infrastructures and bad roads among others are critical issues confronting the growth and development of Lofa County but Cyrus insists that if elected Senator of Lofa County, it will be the turning point and a new day for the entire County.

Already, he has made his mark in the County and the Country at large, especially by employing over three thousand persons across the Country through his personal business/ Investment the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) , the provision of scholarships to several young people in the County and cross-session of Liberians generally, capacity development to some young people as well as women and youth empowerment among others.

Additionally, Mr. Cyrus through his outstanding leadership skills led to a historic achievement of Lofa County since its establishment in 1964, when Lofa won the National County Sports meet Football version and later on the kickball version respectively.

“I will do my best for Lofa because, Lofa is my Political Party and I have no other political party, my passion and determination to develop Lofa County remains unquenched, he told his people.

Some citizens of the County have described Momo Cyrus as the Lion of the tribe of Lofa County saying he is the best alternative that will unite and deliver the County to its prewar status.

“Lofa is politically pregnant and only you can deliver it”, said one of the elders of the County.

Speaking when he paid a visit to scores of Towns and Cities in the County, Lofians recounted his numerous and tangible contributions to their County of origin stating that it is now time to put him on the bigger and national stage to do more for them.

Branded as Talk and Do and the unifier, the happy citizens of Lofa County promised to make the right decision that will help transform their County.

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