Lofa Receives Medical Supplies


By Esau J. Farr

A Lofa County humanitarian has distributed assorted medical supplies to several districts in the county.

According to State Radio (ELBC) Lofa County Correspondent in the area, Tokpa Tarnue, the distribution of the assorted medical supplies took place over the weekend by a lady identified as Garmen Tokpah.

Items distributed included surgical gloves, masks, syringes, cross-sticks and other needed hospital materials amongst others.

According to the Lofa County correspondent, several health facilities in Salayea, Zorzor and Voinjama Districts were beneficiaries of the medical supplies.

Madam Tokpa is quoted as saying, it was not the first time for the gesture disclosing that it was the second in the series of giving back to her county.

“This is not my first time to do this. I have always been concerned about my people and I think it is better to always think about where you come from and that’s what I have been doing,” she is quoted as telling journalists in the county.

The issue of access to needed medical supplies or items by health facilities especially in rural Liberia remains a major challenge with some either closing their doors to patients at times.

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