Lofa Citizens In US Want GOL Protect Their Votes

USA-Citizens of Lofa County based in the United States of America are urging the Weah led government to protect the people of Lofa votes in the December 8, Special Senatorial and Representatives by-elections.

The group said the protection of the votes of the people of Lofa County will restore their constitutional rights guarantee under Article 45 of the revised constitution of Liberia.

Article 45 of the 1985 constitution of Liberia guarantees every citizen the full protection of the law and the right to freely elect their representatives or leaders. The provision also guarantees equal participation.

In a release dated Monday, June 28, 2021, signed by J. Patrick Flomo, Dr. Sakui Malakpa, Stephen Jensen and Robert Gaygay indicated that if the government of Liberia genuinely believes in representative government and the rule of law and reveres the constitution as the sacred document of the Republic, she must take the action necessary to bring this issue to immediate resolution.

“Anything short of this tells us this government does not believe in our representative constitutional government and therefore does not deserve the people’s trust”

The group asserted that government of Liberia has, by all accounts thus far, nullified the voice of the people of Lofa County by denying them full senatorial representation without explanation nor a declarative statement regarding when this crisis will end.

The believes government created this constitutional crisis and bears the full responsibility to resolve it with all deliberate speed adding “We the people of Lofa County, are constitutionally entitled to two senators, and we do here petition you (the government) to fulfill your constitutional responsibility.”

According to them, Lofian deserve nothing less, but a full Senatorial representation effectively immediately to put an end to the problem it (Government) brought upon itself.

The provision also allowed each political subdivision vis-à-vis county to have two senators as well as representatives based on districts’ population.

On December 8, 2020, the people of Liberia exercised their constitutional rights to elect their senators. It is now 201 days and counting since the midterm election and all counties are constitutionally represented by two senators EXCEPT Lofa County.

“We, the people of Lofa County, regard this as a violation of our rights to full constitutional representation,” the statement said.

It is the responsibility of the government to certify anyone according to the constitution who wants to stand for election for public office.

On December 8, 2020, the National Elections Commission (NEC), the constitutionally independent organ of the government charged with exercising the laws governing Liberian elections, presented a slate of certified candidates to the people of Lofa County to stand for the midterm election.

Based on NEC certification, the people of Lofa County went to the poll on December 8, 2020 and made a choice.

NEC made a public declaration of the election by proclaiming a winner.  And yet, 160 days and counting, Lofa County is not fully represented in the Liberian Senate.

“The question is no longer a partisan question but that of full legislative representation for the county.  The release continues “We urge you to form a united front and to use the influence of your positions, endowed upon you by the people of Lofa County to serve their needs.”

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