Local Cocoa Farmers Decry Road Connectivity In Maryland

By: Emmanuel T. Quiah- Maryland County

MARYLAND- Local Cocoa Farmers in Suiken, Karluway Electoral District#3, Maryland County have mentioned that the lack of road connectivity is hugely hampering agricultural activities in the County.

Speaking to this paper over the weekend, Mr. John D. Sieh, a local Cocoa, who has 3 Acres of land planted with cocoa highlighted the many challenges cocoa farmers are confronted with.

He stressed that agriculture contributes to the livelihood of Residents in the County.

The Local Farmer is calling on the Government of Liberia to provide the needed logistical support aimed at improving agricultural activities in the county.

Sieh noted that the lack of rain boots, cutlasses, fertilizers, cocoa seed, spray, and chemicals amongst others are immensely impeding farming activities in the county.

He urged Liberians to focus on agricultural investment in the country.

“I started planting cocoa since 2017 and since then, I have harvested more than two times, but there were lots of cocoa knots that got damaged because I don’t have the support to buy chemicals that could help killed insects that can destroy the cocoa.

“And also if I harvest my cocoa, no buyer due to the bad road condition the district, so I have to risk my life and ride in canoe to neighboring Ivory Coast to sell my cocoa so my family and I can survived”, Mr. Sieh explained.

For her part, Madam Susannah Sackey noted that farming is the only source for survival in the county.

“I  am appealing to our local authorities and the Government of Liberia to talk to Starp-P to help us with farming materials so we can extend our farms and also support it in order to benefit from our efforts, because our children are in school”, She said.

Madam Sackey used the medium to encourage Liberians to pay attention to agricultural ventures in the country.

She, at the same time, called on Maryland Land County District # 3 Representative, Isaac Roland Blalu,  come to their aid.

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