Lobby Intensifies

By Perry B. Zordyu & R. Joyclyn Wea

Barely a day following the announcement of final results of the October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative in which none of the candidates obtained the legal required votes of 50 percent plus one vote to be declare as winner, the opposition Liberia People’s party (LPP) has endorsed Unity Party Standard-bearer, Joseph N. Boakai as its candidate in the Presidential Run-off Election.

The Liberia People’s Party (LPP) of Cllr. Tiawon Saye Gongloe yesterday endorsed the Rescue Mission of former Vice President Boakai to ensure that Liberia is rescued from what they termed as an undemocratic foreign march on the country.

The Liberia People’s Party through its Chairman, J. Yanking Vava said since no party meet the requisite percentage during the October 10 polls and is now required by law to have a run-off, they as a party must make an informed decision on who becomes the next President of Liberia on November 14, 2023.

Chairman Yanking Vava noted that regardless of the circumstances unfolding, the party had decided to point out their choice in the November 14 run-off. The LPP Chairman stressed that it is difficult to render such decisions but the will of the party must prevail.

“Though the Liberia People’s Party did not meet up to the voter’s expectation of choice, the party remains committed and respects the voice of the people when they spoke on October 10, 2023,” he added.

The party’s most senior and powerful Chairman indicated that though the party is faced with an extremely difficult choice, his party has unanimously agreed to support the former ruling party and main opposition Unity Party in the run-off elections comes November 14.

Chairman Yanking Vava maintained that despite the party’s pledge to support Mr. Boakai, this comes with prerequisites requirements which he feels can be handled by Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Jeremiah Kpan Koung’s Presidency.

He named quarterly auditing of government officials who could wipe away public funds and conduct intense audits on past regimes, increase salaries of civil servants, take radical approach for sanctioned officials with the assistance of the US Government, ensure that War and Economic Crimes Court is implemented, constitution of Public Works stations in all counties to ease the transportation and improve the freedom of movement during raining season and increase the budget for incentives on education, agriculture as well as health.

He added, “We are choosing one of the parties based on our expectation that the party we choose will do the following in the first hundred days of its administration. Take measurable steps to improve the rule of law, strengthen law enforcement and the independence of the judiciary, publish the access declaration for all public officials along with their salaries and benefits and increase the salary of civil servants including police office nurses, military and power military teachers, among others.

He wants UP to begin a quarterly audit of officials of government in the executive branch, take step towards the investigation of all sanction officials in government with the assistance of the US government, take steps toward the establishment of the war and economic crimes court, increase the budget percentage to include merchandise agriculture and increase percentage for education, agriculture and health to be at least 15% each in the 2024 national budget and to put public works stations in the 15 counties to improve the freedom of movement during the raining season.

He added that upon the failure of the Unity Party to live up to these tenants, they will be the first to condemn and criticize them.

The Liberia People’s Party’s Chairman in a strong tone added that if those listed requirements are not utilized and deliver upon by the UP administration the party will be publicly condemned and criticized.

He called on all partisans, and supporters of LPP to go all out in the mud to vehemently campaign and ensure the Rescue Mission Ticket is victorious and ensure that Liberia is fully rescued and redeemed.

Chairman Yanking Vava spoke yesterday at the headquarters of the party in Congo Town following the announcement of final results of the elections by the National Elections Commission.

At the same time, report from Grand Bassa County says the elected Senator of the county, Gbehzohngar M. Findley has endorsed the candidacy of incumbent President George > Weah in the Run-off Presidential Election.

According to the former President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, his support to Mr. Weah will help take electricity, healthcare delivery, and vocational education among others to Grand Bassa County.

Meanwhile, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) says it faces a critical choice in the upcoming runoff election, and adopting a neutral position is imperative for several compelling reasons. First and foremost according to the CPP, the runoff has been marred by serious allegations of industrial scale electoral fraud.

“To maintain credibility and adhere to the principles of fair and transparent elections, the CPP must prioritize neutrality to help ensure the integrity of our electoral process,” the party added.

CPP’s Standard-bearer Alexanded Cummings added that failing to adopt a neutral stance could indirectly lead to by deliberate extension, the endorsement of internationally sanctioned warlord Prince Y. Johnson, a scenario fraught with risks. This could undermine Liberia’s efforts to reconcile and heal from the scars of its turbulent past, and damage the nation’s reputation on the international stage.

He added that the CPP must steer clear of any association that might legitimize such a controversial figure adding, “Doing business with Prince Y. Johnson behind the curtain defeats the moral value some fought to instill in our body politic. Equally important, a neutral position aligns with the Real Change mantra, emphasizing a departure from political business as usual.”

He added that Liberia deserves leaders who prioritize the welfare of the nation over partisan interests. By remaining neutral, the CPP can demonstrate its commitment to transcending the old patterns of politics, corrupt deal/ making, and prioritizing the needs of the Liberian people.

“Lastly, a neutral stance doesn’t equate to giving a pass to President George M. Weah’s administration or the non-productive Joseph N. Boakai. It allows the CPP to focus on constructive criticism and policy alternatives while maintaining the moral high ground. Yes, there can be morality in politics which emanates from the reservoir of moral rectitude which resides in decent men and women,” Cummings said.

In doing so according to Mr. Cummings, the CPP can demonstrate a commitment to a more responsible, accountable, and ethical form of governance that Liberia desperately needs.

Findley’s endorsement of President Weah is a major boost for the Liberian leader’s campaign for the presidency in the runoff as Grand Bassa County is one of the vote-rich counties wherethe CDC obtained more votes in the first round of the Presidential and Legislative Elections.


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