LNP Participates In Peace Keeping Mission In Sudan

By Joycln Wea

MONROVIA -Four of thirty-four officers of the Liberia National Police certified by the UN Peace Keeping Department are expected to depart Liberia on a peace keeping mission in Sudan.

According to Police Inspector General, this is the first time that the Liberia National Police will be  participating in a United Nations peace keeping mission.

In 2019, LNP established the LNP’s Peace Keeping Desk headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police Kalemo D. Karyo, a trained and professional police trainer.

With the setting up of the local Peace Keeping Desk, police Inspector General Patrick Sudue explained that one hundred officers were vetted and trained by the LNP’s Peace Keeping Desk with oversight feom the United Nations Department of Peace Keeping Operations through the Ministry of Foreign Affaira of the Republic of Liberia.

Out of the 100 officers trained for the UN Missions, Sudue mentioned that thirty_four officers comprising thirty_one males and three female were certified by the UN Peace Keeping Department after successfully completing the United Nations required test conducted by Successful Selection Assistance and Assessment Team (SAAT).

Sudue explained that the police participation in this peace keeping mission in southern Sudan signals the confidence and trust that the United Nations has in the integrity and performance of the Liberian national police especially under my administration.

Additionally, Sudue noted his administration is currently engaged with the United Nations peace keeping department through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensuring that the remains thirty (30) certified officers take assignment at available mission of the united nations.

He further disclosed that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has granted the LNP the opportunity of committing one hundred, forty (140) formed police officers to participate in ECOWAS Standby Force.

Sudue said under his leadership, Liberians can be assured of more efforts that is underway in professionalizing and building the capacities of officers of the Liberia national police in performing its statutory duties and responsibilities.



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