LNP In Hot Pursuit

-Unleashes “Operation Clear Community Ghettos”

MONROVIA-The Liberia National Police has commenced a robust operation aimed at clearing ghettos from various communities, thus providing relief to community dwellers throughout the length and breadth of Liberia.

The operation which kicked-off last week saw several ghettos in Caldwell, Logan Town, and Duala raided and burnt.

Late last year, the leadership of the LNP committee to raiding and clearing ghettos operating in various communities as a way of bringing relief to community residents, many of whom have suffered the pains of hijacking, armed robbery and theft of their personal effects by hustling criminals.

According to LNP Inspector General, Patrick Sudue, the operation will run for a considerable time until relief can be restored in the various communities.

IG Sudue noted that if anyone will perceive that this operation will short live, they must be day-dreaming, adding, “The child who says its mother will not sleep; that child itself will not sleep”.

As part of sustaining this operation, the LNP is working with various communities in ensuring that ghettos that are raided and burnt are not rebuilt.

In this vein, IG Sudue urges community leaders and residents to take ownership of this operation by helping the Police succeed with clearing ghettos from their communities.

The LNP strongly believes that this latest operation will help greatly in reducing crime and ensuring that community dwellers can move about freely in their respective communities.

Hence, community’s residents are urged to call these numbers in case of any reconstruction of any of these destroyed ghettos and we will not hesitate to immediately move in quickly to advert their reconstruction. The numbers to call are: 0770800911, 0770800990, 0770800122, 0770800105, 0770800109, 0770800142, 0770800111, 0770800410, 0770800411, 0770800428.



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