MONROVIA-The Liberia Land Authority’s (LLA) mandate is to develop policies continuously, undertake actions and implement programs in support of land governance, including land administration and management in Liberia.

The event which commenced on August 1-3 at a local hotel in Gbarnga City, Bong County was part of the Liberia Land Authority’s effort to begin the speedy adjudication of land and its related matters, especially for circuit and probate court judges, magistrates, and other judiciary actors in Liberia.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Director for Administration/HR and Training, Aryee K. Williams, Jr., revealed that the exercise was intended to enhance the understanding of judicial actors on the work of the LLA as well as the Land Administration in the promotion of the 2018 Land Rights Act and the Act against the criminal conveyance of land in Liberia.

Director Williams further noted that the event was designed to speedily address and apprehend major issues of arising land, the challenges faced by judiciary and key justice actors who play critical roles in policy formulization and the revitalization of the ongoing legal land reforms process by the 2018 Land Rights Acts enacted by the national legislature.

The three days event was supported by the Inclusive Land Administration Management (ILAMP) with funding from the Swedish International Agency (SIDA) and implemented by Lanmateriate.

Participants of the event were drawn from the National Trial Judges throughout the fifteen counties in Liberia.

Speaking earlier at the ceremony, the Chairman of the Liberia Land Authority, Atty. J Adam Manobah, Sr., argued that in the absence of a well-coordinated land policy framework document, it would be difficult to address the issues of land conflicts and its related matters, as well as promote land ownership and investment by community members and investors.

The chairman called on judiciary actors from across the country to act now and accelerate efforts in resolving land conflicts as institutions, noting that they heavily rely on them (Justice Actors) for the adjudication process of land cases in the Country.

He extended his profound gratitude to the Chief Justice of Liberia, Cllr. Francis Saye Korkpor, Sr., as well as Judiciary Actors for the collaboration, expressed hope that all would be done by the two institutions in the adjudication of land and its related matters across the Country.

Also, Bong County Superintendent Esther Y Walker extolled the administration of the LLA for the exercise and expressed her office’s unflinching support for the process.

According to Madam Walker, the event is not only meant to widen the existing knowledge of judiciary actors but would further help in the interpretation of the 2018 Land Rights Act and the works of the LLA across the Country.

She narrated that as a result of limited knowledge of the Land Rights Act, citizens are yet to understand their rights in land matters, thus serving as proponents for land conflicts and disputes in communities across the country.

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