Living Water International Regional Vice President Visits Liberia

MONROVIA-Dr. Victor Madziakapita, Regional Vice president for Living Water International is currently visiting the country as an action to show support to Living Water Liberia. He arrived February 26, 2022 and was welcomed by Living Water Liberia’s Country Director Austin Nyaplue.

His visit pays a courtesy call to Living Water Liberia in order to witness the impact of the ongoing work that has been implemented in the country, as well as interact with the community, stakeholders, and government.

His community interactions began Sunday 27th of February 2022, where he gladly put on his pastoral hat and was presented as the guest minister at Life Church International, here in Liberia.

During his ministering session, he talked to the congregation about being empowered by the Holy Spirit and how important it is for people to allow the Holy Spirit to lead.  He explained that only when the Holy Spirit leads can anyone be able to partake of His power. He also encouraged the congregation to always look to God and not man for provision, adding that when a man provides, they always attach conditions, but God always offers provision freely.

On the 28th of February, the Regional Vice President continued his purposed agenda in Ganta, Liberia where the WPA is situated. The day began with a devotional between himself and the Living Water Liberia staff. The Regional Vice president was welcomed with jubilation and song by staff, ushering him into a short exhortation and word of gratitude as he commended the staff for the good work that they have been doing here in Liberia. He also added that all staff of Living Water Liberia should know that their efforts are not in vain and should always know that the organization cares about them. He further encouraged them to always remember that the work they are doing is God’s answer to the shortfalls of these communities. He concluded by expressing that he was very excited to be in Liberia and was looking forward to going into the field to witness the amazing work that the staff has been doing.  In response to the Regional Vice President, Mr. Austin Nyaplue opened up the platform to staff as he began by expressing how much they really appreciate his visit to Liberia and how amazing it is to experience God’s love through Living Water international.

Anita is the Hygiene and Sanitation coordinator at Living Water Liberia who couldn’t hold back her gratitude as she expressed sincere thanks to the Regional Vice President for everything the organization has done for her at a personal level when she was met with a difficult challenge in her life.  After she spoke, the platform was given to Benjamin Blamah who is the program’s Manager for Living Water Liberia. He testified that his experience at living water leaves him with a record to keep that he has never witnessed anywhere else. As everyone interacted it was not hard to see that the staff of Living Water Liberia are very excited and happy about the courtesy call that the Regional Vice President has paid to them not just as an office, but more so as a country.

Later on in the day, the Regional Vice President, alongside the Country Director and the staff of Living Water International traveled to the Garr-Bain District, Nimba County, a program area where various communities have received the intervention of Living Water Liberia. The Program started in January 2019 with an objective to improve the physical, spiritual health, and social wellbeing of people. The objective of this program has been to contribute to the building of resilient communities to ensure enough trust, shared concern, and love for others and achieve increased WASH services across communities that are safe, reliable, accessible, affordable, and available to all. In hope that the effect would result in an impact that improves WASH practices leading to proper hygiene, sanitation, and water storage behaviors that reduce diseases and increase wellbeing.

The Regional vice president all took time to meet with the religious body, where he was appreciated by the pastors and commended for the change that they have witnessed in Ganta. Highlighting that people’s lives were truly being transformed and livelihoods have greatly improved. On the 2nd of March, he also met with The Chairman and CEO of National Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Commission (NWASHC) for the Republic of Liberia, where he expressed the purpose of his visit saying, “As Living Water, we just want to ensure that we are in sync with the government because we simply work hand in hand with what you are planning for the country. It is our desire to see to it that 85% of people in the districts we work on gain access to clean water.” He also added that another district has already been proposed and Living Water Hopes to begin that work soon so that they could have at least two areas that they impacted in Liberia. He then concluded by commending the Country Director, Mr. Austin Nyaplue for all his hard work and efforts in Living Water Liberia. And with his last words the Chairman pointed out one last thing, “ The Work that living water is doing is significant and we welcome the fact that Living Water is looking to expand the work to another district, we as a commission want to be part of that mission and are here to support Living Water International anytime.”

The following are but a few of the many achievements in the current WASH Program Area (GarrBain District, Nimba county):

  • Constructed 114 simple new Water points
  • Rehabilitated 106 broken water points
  • Provided 62,015 water users with clean and safe drinking water.
  • Constructed 3 blocks/24 cubicles pull flush institutional latrines benefitting approximately 16,087 people.
  • Established 249 water Users committees (WUC)and trained 1,245 WUC members including xx pump mechanics
  • Implemented out 337 hygiene and sanitation promotion activities benefiting 21,892 beneficiaries
  • Built capacity of over 268 local pastors in various areas to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Triggered and declared 11 rural communities Open Defecation Free (ODF) using the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach.
  • Conducted revisits and follow-up water quality tests to enhance the functionality of water points
  • Proclaimed and reached 47, 668 people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Distributed 22,284 gospel literature track

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