Living in Garbage

By: Mark B.

 MONROVIA-Two Jamaican Visionaries Dennis Blake and Barbara Blake have disclosed that Liberians are living in garbage and the garbage is responsible for diseases in Liberia.

The statement was made following their recent visit to Liberia on Sunday, August 10, 2022 at the church of Christ Redemption World Outreach Ministries International In Yellow Flower Community.

Speaking during a special interview with some reporters at the Church Of Christ Redemption World Outreach Ministries International, Madam Barbara Blake explained that Jamaica is a third-world country like Liberia, but they help in maintaining garbage control in their country by allowing people from different countries that are in the health field to control waste in their country.

She mentioned that if the Government of Liberia loves and cares for their people, they need to put in place a serious garbage management guide that will look after the garbage within the country.

She noted, “Today if you go to Jamaica you will see that Jamaicans are working along with their government to control garbage.”

However, visionaries Barbara Blake narrated that when they first arrived in Monrovia they came across much garbage which they believed are responsible for diseases in the country.

She noted, “That rat, flies, and other insects are responsible for Liberians getting sick.”

She further narrated that if they do not have the necessary understanding and capability of how to go about controlling garbage in the street of Monrovia, they should invite another country to come in and help the Government of Liberia.

According to Dennis Blake, Jamaica is one of the islands in the world that other countries can use in maintaining garbage control.

He added that the main issues that brought him to Liberia are the garbage problem and the lack of knowledge for the children in Liberia about waste.

He noted, “I have seen children drinking in water plastic, eating biscuits and dispatching in it the street of Monrovia.

Visionary Dennis Blake noted that education is needed for Liberians about garbage management and to go about controlling it.

He disclosed that children and adults in Liberia have to change their mindset on dispatching garbage in the street of Monrovia.

“We have talked to three hundred children in Liberia about garbage and we have informed them that the dispatching of garbage around Monrovia is responsible for those diseases that are causing rat, flies, and other insects in their communities”, he noted.


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