LIS Benefits over US$12k Donation from GIZ to Strengthen Cross-Borders Security

MONROVIA-Germany has been a long-term partner to the Mano River Union member states in their ambition and efforts towards improving their resources, governance, sustainable minding, and increased benefits for the Liberian people.

The project approach is following the Liberian Kimberley process multi-stakeholder approach bringing together civil society, the industry, and of course the relevant government entities including the ministries of Mines and Energy, Justice, and law enforcement agencies.

The donation includes six pieces of modern computers, three projectors, three multi-function color printers, three digital cameras, two motorcycles, and three safes (for the temporary storage of confiscated gold and diamonds) with a total value of US$12,894.00.

An important pillar is to strengthen the capacity of the national governments to implement the Kimberley process, better regulate artisanal mining, and capture revenues in line with the African Mining Vision (AMV).

Considering the relevance of the artisanal and small-scale mining sector for Liberia, ASM’s issues have been a core focus of our project, Juliane Weymann, project manager, Rego, GIZ during the donation of the items at the headquarters of the LNP.

“We are hence proud to currently support the MRU countries in the implementation of the Kimberley process as a monumental international attempt to avoid war and violence financed by mineral trade and to fight precious mineral smuggling in general.”

Weymann hopes that those items are used to support the joint security border offices in combatting the high rate of gold and diamond smuggling which is causing significant loss for Mano River Union countries.

To further buttress that development and allow for the real action to take place, GIZ handover the first batch of strategic equipment support that shall allow the national regulators and law enforcement agencies to continue their joint fight against the illicit movement of precious minerals, terrorist financing, money laundering, illicit financial flows within the ASM sector in an even more effective and efficient way.

GIZ has been providing support to the Mano River Union (MRU) countries on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Union (EU) since 2009.

This support, Madam Weymann indicates, is directed towards aligning the mining sector of the MRU countries more closely with the principles of environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

In November of last year, members of the Liberian Kimberley process multi-stakeholder group through the support of GIZ’s project organized a series of intensive training workshops for local stakeholders and law enforcement officers in western and eastern Liberia.

A total of nine modules on important mining governance themes such as the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) due to diligence guidance for responsible minerals supply chains, the EU, Conflict Minerals Regulations, terrorist financing, money laundering, and illicit financial flows within the informal artisanal and small-scale mining sector were covered extensively.

Having implemented several capacity-building measures for national regulators and law enforcement agencies over the years, Madam Weymann said, this first batch of strategic equipment support is the institution way of buttressing the national government’s fight against the illicit movement of precious minerals, terrorist financing, money-laundering, and illicit financial flows within the artisanal and small-scale mining sector of Liberia.

Receiving those items, Jefferson Morris, comptroller at the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) thanked the institution, noting that GIZ is one of the most important partners.

The equipment Morris vowed would be used for the intended purpose and will be deployed at every point of entry.

He cautions his fellow officers to take ownership of that equipment on grounds that the institution will go, but the responsibility is upon them (officers) to secure or safe guide the materials.

At the same time, Deputy Commission of Police Mulbah expressed graduate to GIZ and all supporting partners saying that capacity building of officers had been their concern.

The day he said is great because GIZ ensures that they made good on their promise to present the first batch of strategic equipment to ensure security goes to a higher height.

We have vast open and complicated to man borders in Africa and criminals used them to perpetrate crimes and these will be used to effectively combat these kinds of issues, DCP Mulbah said.

He further noted that “A periodic update will be given, so you need not to worry because we will give timely data and ensure the success of the material. This will be reflected in our crime magazine because what you are trying to do is to protect our country.”

David Nyahn, coordinator of MRU said the union has ensured that the issue of money laundering, and illicit financing smuggling among others is curtained within all Manor River Union member countries.

He hopes it would be effectively used, and look forward to seeing more support from GIZ.

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