LibX Records Foundation Wants Nat’l Legislature To Pass Amended Drugs Law

MONROVIA-Over allegation of ‘disadvantaged youths or zogos’ being the cause of chaos at the D. Twe High School field in New Kru Town resulting in deaths of 29 Liberians, a humanitarian organization, LibX Records Foundation is calling on members of the National Legislature to ensure the speedy passage of the amended Drugs law of Liberia.

The House of Representatives recently passed the amendment to the “Controlled Drug and Substances Act of 2014” in its Special Sitting. It is currently before the Liberian Senate for concurrence and later to the Liberian President for signing into law. The bill seeks to make drug possession and its use non-billable. The current drug law of 2014 has several loopholes in the fight against drugs and substances in Liberia.

Following a stampede at the borough during an open-air crusade organized by Apostle Abraham Kromah which claimed the lives of 29 Liberians, disadvantaged youths or Zogos have come under heavy criticisms for causing such havoc.

Those Zogos are hugely involved in taking illegal substances and terrorizing peaceful citizens and foreign residents day and night taking their belongings.

Prior to this unfortunate situation, Liberians and others have repeatedly blamed the proliferation of illegal substances on the Liberian market and the abuse thereafter due to what they called weak drugs law in the country.

After a series of consultations, an amendment has been made to the law ensuring tougher actions and making it a non-bailable crime in the country. The law is currently before members of the Legislature for passage.

However, as an organization working to transform Zogos for a better future, LibX Records Foundation wants the lawmakers to pass the law which will show seriousness if the society will be stable and vibrant for all.

The organization in a release said “If we all acknowledge that the presence of those disadvantaged youths in street corners and communities terrorizing citizens and foreign nationals is a serious national security threat, we all must galvanize efforts in developing the right attainable programs that will get them off the streets completely. We cannot continue to live in fear and if nothing is done now as a nation, our country will be doomed in the very near future. The number of disadvantaged youth is increasing daily and we continue to see our future leaders damaging right before our very eyes.”

The organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Miatta Kamara alias ‘Lady Love’  said making the law non-bailable and ensuring tougher measures against traffickers and abusers will demonstrate that the country is serious and determined to save the lives of its youthful population and prepare them for a better future.

“The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) and other relevant agencies must be given the tooth (teeth) to bite through the law. As an organization directly working to ensure Liberia is safe for all by advocating for the rehabilitation of disadvantaged youths, we are willing to work with all government ministries, agencies, local and international organizations to make our society free for all,” the release quotes Madam Miatta Kamara, Chief Executive Officer of LibX Records Foundation.

The organization through its CEO further assured Liberians that it remains committed to building a generation of elite and talented young men and women across the nation, transforming them from generation “Zogos” to educated and competent members of society. The release further said “We are stopping the stigma associated with being the less fortunate youths in Liberia by working with the individual to grow their talents through education, rehabilitation, and self-sustenance, one “Zogo” at a time.”

At the same time, the management of LibX Records Foundation has expressed sadness over the tragic incident in New Kru Town on Wednesday night which claimed the lives of 29 Liberians.

The organization also said “We are extremely shocked over the deaths of worshippers and others in the borough of New Kru Town who had gone to seek the intervention of God in their lives.  We are extending our deepest condolences to the bereaved families and we wish those injured a speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with them.”

“As we mourn the deaths of these Liberians, we believe that the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these innocent people require thorough investigation and those found guilty must face the full weight of the laws of the land.  Based on initial information gathered that disadvantaged youth alias Zogos reportedly masterminded the chaos which resulted in the stampede, it further validates while we at LibX Records Foundation have repeatedly called for collective efforts in rehabilitating those disadvantaged youths,” the release said.

LibX Records Foundation says the situation should serve as an immediate wake-up call for all well-meaning Liberians and organizations.

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