Liberia’s newly Integrity Icon Gets U.S. Scholarship

MONROVIA-Liberia’s newly integrity icon Emmanuel Tuloe has been offered a fully funded scholarship by the Livingstone College in the United States for demonstrating high level of integrity.

Weeks ago, Tuloe found and returned the sum of 50 thousand United States dollars to its owner in Tapita, Nimba County. Since than, the 18 years old has been hailed and receiving gifts of all kinds from institutions and individuals in and out of the country with the latest being the U.S. college offer.

Like many under-privilege teenagers in Liberia, Tuloe dropped out of school when he got promoted to the seventh grade to run a motorcycle service and make money to sustain his family who did not have the hand to underwrite his expenses.

Livingstone College is offering a full scholarship to Liberian teenager Emmanuel Tuloe, who became a national hero for his role in finding and returning US$50,000.000 dollars to its rightful owner. The College offer comes at a time when the president of Liberia had already taken initiative to sponsor or underwrite the cost of his education at the master degree level.

To further secure the young man’s future, Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC, is offering the teenager a full scholarship upon his completion of high school.

Liberian Ambassador to the United States George Patten is expected to pay a visit at Livingstone College to meet with President Dr. Jimmy Jenkins, and thank the college for its generosity.


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