Liberians Urged GOL to Take Drugs Addiction National Emergency

By; Washington Tumay  Watson-

MONROVIA-Several Liberians have urged the Liberian Government to take the creeping wave of drug addiction by young people as a national emergency.

According to them, it is time that the government works collectively with partners to ensure that those who are addicted to drugs be catered to as a means of resuscitating them.

Speaking on local media, those concerned Liberians said most of the young people are becoming victims of substance abuse on a daily basis across the country.

They indicated that almost every family is becoming victimized due to the proliferation of illicit drugs in the country that is affecting society.

Those concerned Liberians use the time to call on both the Executive and the Legislative Branches of the government to ensure that a drug law is passed.

They noted that the government is insensitive to the outcry by family members whose children are victims of illicit drugs by those whom they described as untouchable.

But in response to the concerned citizens, Toe Wesseh who is heading President George Weah’s personal initiative on at-risk youth said the Liberian leader is seriously concerned about the condition of those young people who have been addicted to drugs substance.

According to him, through the president’s initiative about two hundred at-risk youths were taken out of the street and rehabilitated. He said they were trained in various skills and some are now working while others are doing business.

Mr. Wesseh disclosed that his office is providing supervision for them.

He further disclosed that some of the at-risk youths in Bomi County are undergoing rehabilitation with training as a means of providing them with the needy skills.

Mr. Wesseh told the media that it is capital-intensive to rehabilitate those victims of drug addiction.

He narrated that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is working closely with his team to help in rescuing the youthful population.

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