Liberians Must Cultivate the Sense of Nationalism

..Says Dr. Munni-Irone

By Mark N. Mengonfia-

Dame Munni Irone

Dr. Munni Irone said once Liberians create that sense of nationalism, it will definitely help to change their country for the betterment of all, shaping the destiny of the young generation.

She said her visit to Africa, particularly Liberia, a country situated on the West Coast of Africa, along the Atlantic Ocean is to help make a positive change through innovative entrepreneurship, infrastructure, and education, among others in the country.

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday on the Old Road, Sinkor at the Headquarters of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem-Liberia indicated that she is in Liberia to create job opportunities and market for the youth through investment, business, and infrastructure that will impact Liberia.

Dr. Dame Munni – Irone, who is a philanthropist queen of Beverly Hills in the United States, is currently is in the country as a guest of the Holy Ghost Fire Ministries- Liberia in partnership with the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem-Liberia.

According to Dr. Munni, her visit to Liberia is non-political but intends to help with the development of Liberia.

She said as part of the things she wants to achieve in Liberia is to build a train that provides speedy and easy transportation for all and invest in toll roads, and education among others.

Currently, Dr. Munni Irone is involved with business planning, Investments, negotiation, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship in Africa and other parts of the World.

She urged Liberians to get involved in multiple businesses, especially young people as well as women, and explore their world and make up their minds and do better for the future of their country”.

Dr. Dame Munni Irone, who spent at least three days in Liberia, held discussions with some officials of government, the business community, and the youth and is expected to meet with a cross-section of Liberian women who are venturing into various skills training to empower themselves.

“I am not a politician but I connect with politicians and governments including influential individuals to make things happen for people around the world, and Liberia is no exception”, she narrated.

During her visit to the ICEJ-Liberia head office on Wednesday, Dr. Munni Irone, meet several women who are undergoing skills training runs by ICEJ-Liberia, Women Desk, thanked them for engaging in the positive initiative, and admonished them to venture in one thing that will get them going.

She sat with them and asked how they intend to improve their businesses and she provided them lead on achieving more with little.

She then promised to work with them to better their livelihoods as women of Liberia and called on them not to lose focus in whatsoever they will engage in.

Dr. Munni Iron: “Liberia is a good place and all that I am saying can happen through the collaboration of all of us and provide the need space for me to extend my philanthropic work to this country”.

She said all she does are done through the inspiration she gets from God.

According to her, she is a woman who achieved at an early age and as such she wants to teach and help others get on the path of development and achieving their goals in life.

She said she is interested in working with young people; those she said are the future of any nation.

 About Dr. Dame Munni Iron

Life coach, cosmetologist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur based in Beverly Hills. California, USA. Irone was born in India and was baptized in Punjab. She traveled all her life and went to school in different parts of the world.  She is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and has a lifetime teaching credential from UCLA Extension.

She founded the Rosemead Beauty School located in Rosemead, California, and Munni’s Advanced Academy. Dr. Dame Munni Irone is publishing the “Book Balanced” which dealt with her own life challenges with her wisdom and through mediation. Previously, she was a TV host of Green Positive Nanny and today is currently the host of the Munn Iron Show.

Besides, Iron is the founder of Art4Peace Awards, a collective celebration of arts and culture from around the world. She is the CEO of MJD Film Productions and is associated with multiple charitable organizations in the United States of America and worldwide. Throughout her life, Irone has earned 75 trophies and 35 medallions including a Teacher of the Year award.

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