Liberians Invest Over US$250K

MONROVIA-A group of Liberians have invested over US$256,725.55 in a sustainable purified water filtration plant, using new technologies for the first time in the country.

In 2018, several native Liberians formed a management team to establish a purified water company, naming it JAMA Purified Water.  JAMA aims to make widely available to all Liberians quality safe-water, as evident of its motto: “Quench your thirst and enhance your life.”

Making the disclosure in Monrovia, the chief executive officer of the group, Cherior Sillah indicates that JAMA’s newly-built facility is a state-of-the-art water factory.  It employs advanced water filtration systems and uses ozone and reverse osmosis technologies.

According to a release, these systems and technologies, Mr  Chernon Sillah emphasizes, will provide the highest level of purified water to the Liberian people.

The group’s CEO points out that the purified water will be suitable for all ages, and, for the first time for any water plant in Liberia, it will be available in two sizes, 600ml and 1600ml.

According to Sillah, while JAMA’s main product will be bottled water, other products it will produce include sachets and purified ice blocks.  It sees its products as suitable for parties, conferences, meetings, weddings, sporting events, and other forms of entertainment. Delivery will be to businesses, religious institutions, schools, clinics, hospitals, hostels, hotels, homes, and entertainment centers.

The head of the group adds that JAMA puts the country’s water problem in a broad context. “Ravaged by the Ebola pandemic and struggling with health care and other daily essentials, it looked at a country in need of an array of sustainable development activities.”

Sillah further iterates that the group had decided that JAMA would do more than sell the highest level of purified water to the Liberian people; it would also serve them.

Sillah explains: “Community’s support and development are at the core of JAMA’s goal. To begin with, we will employ a good number of employees within and outside the community. We have already rehabilitated a portion of the road leading to the facility.’

Similarly, Sillah says, JAMA Purified Water will be alert to creating job opportunities that will empower the Liberian people and contribute to their self-sufficiency.

“Foremost, we will support nonprofit organizations, healthcare systems, and sporting activities, with the specific intent of forming its own football club,” Sillah maintains.

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