Liberians Go to the Polls Today To Elect 15 Senators, Two Representatives 

Liberians Go to the Polls Today To Elect 15 Senators, Two Representatives

By Mark N. Mengonfia

Liberians are today voting to elect 15 senators and two members of the House of Representatives.

The long awaited process has captured over 2.4 million Liberians who are expected to  vote today.

Liberians early this morning lined up at various polling stations to cast their votes for candidate of their choice.

Observers from various organizations and international partners are also following the process at the various places where votes are being cast.

Among those organizations and individuals who are observing the process is former National Elections Commissioner, James M. Fromoyan who now operates an organization named ‘Center for Development and Elections Management.’

In an interview, the former NEC boss underscored the need for the current NEC Commissioners to exhibit the highest level of professionalism by making right disclosures of the elections.

He said, “The will of the people must be respected.”

He added, “You cannot suppress the choose of the people and when you do it, it can backfire.”

According to him, serving as chairperson of the NEC back than, there were instances that his close friends who were denied at the polls were announced that they didn’t win.

The former NEC boss indicated that running the affairs of the NEC from 2006 to 2011 was an experience he and his former deputies have always love.

Looking back at his days as National Elections Commission Chairperson, Mr. Fromoyan said he and  his team of workers did what he called ‘great work.’

According to him, those who were big during his days at NEC can recall the level of work they did adding,” you will know how we conducted elections in this country.”

Also Speaking were some Liberians who have gone to cast their votes.

President Weah and wife going to vote

Mr. John Washington, chairperson of the Kenejah Community said,” the process is going on well. People are smoothly going in and voting freely.”

Catherine Cooper said, “This process is okay because it is over children futures we are voting for today.”




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