Social media has been busy since Sunday after a viral video surfaced on Facebook seeing a lady identified as Vivian Decent known on Facebook as Vico-Vico violently beating another lady she accused of having an affair with her ‘husband.’

In the video, Vivian locked up victim Naomi Seekel (the alleged side chick) in a room and mercilessly beat her and at the same time attempting to injure her with shape instrument Vivian managed to take from her side.

In the video, Vivian was heard accusing Naomi of having an affair with her man and has been posting images of Stephen (the reported husband) on social media calling him daddy.

Vivian indicated that she has left to lay her late father to rest when Naomi invaded her relationship.

“You are asking me why I disturbing you? You are in my marry home and you are asking why I disturbing you? So, it is you the marry woman you are cooing, this food you will cook and eat it because the man is not coming,” Vivian said as she walked and closed the bathroom.

After those exchanges, Vivian slapped Naomi in the face and begin to beat on her victim unmercifully.

Since that action, calls has been pulling in from all circles calling on the Liberia National Police and other security apparatus to intervene by arresting Vivian and sending her to court to account for her action against the lady who was very civil event at the point when she was asking for forgiveness.

The table has turned and Vivian is now the one on bended knees asking for forgiveness from victim Naomi.

A post on her Facebook page, Vivian said, “It was the work of the devils, I’m asking everyone to please forgive me.”

She added, “It could’ve been you tomorrow, someone is loving to your man and disrespecting you at the same time.”

She admitted that her action was wrong stating, “I’m kindly begging you all to forgive me.”

As it is, according to the post on Vivian (Vico-Vico) page, the man in question has denied being her husband but she justified that she and Stephan have three kids and have been living together for years.

She added, “According to Liberian laws, when you and someone stayed together for over 6 years you people are husband and wife.”

She marveled why her children father will deny her at this time that she has put herself into problem.

“Think about the children. They call me to go to Yekepa by saying if I’m serious I should go to them. He even sent me 3000 LD for my transport” she added in her apology note on Facebook.

Vivian justified that she has her Identification Card, have access to the room including all the security checkpoints in Yekepa stating, “If he says he does not know me or has nothing to do with me, why I’m having access to his room Key, Security checkpoints, and all of the entrances at Yekepa?”

“He’s my man, I’m not here to justify, I’m wrong but he shouldn’t say such a thing it hurt. As for the lady, I complained to her parents but they paid a deaf ear to my complaints.”

She completed her apology by saying, “It could be you in such an embarrassing situation with 3 living children, you will take action.”


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