Liberian Woman Wins ‘Best Public Youth Servant’ Award In W/Africa

The Founder/ Executive Director of “Life Giver Africa” Madam Marvis K. Germu has finally been named as the proud recipient of the “Best Public Youth Servant” of the year 2018 in West Africa, after receiving the prestigious award at an elaborate program held in Accra Ghana, organized by the West African Youth Forum.

Madam Marvis K. Germu

The West Africa Youth Forum Award, is a tool that recognizes cogent developmental strides ranging from top to bottom made by young Africans in the Western region. The program converged professionals and innovative generational leaders to have stakeholders dialogue and solutions to some of the growing challenges being experienced by African nations.

The West African Youth Forum on the 21st of April 2018, bestowed the prestigious award upon the Executive Director of “Life Giver Africa” Madam Marvis K. Germu as a result of her passion for charity which has served as light in slum communities in Liberia.

Madam Germu’ charitable initiative has  therefore created the act of kindness to underprivileged Liberians; whereas her campaigns to persons who are economically empowered to contribute positively in developing the  lives of orphans, physical challenged, less fortunate women and children as well as disadvantage youths.

Speaking recently following her return from the West African State of the Republic of Ghana, where she presented the award to the Martha Tubman Memorial United Methodist Church in Weaver Street, City of Paynesville, Madam Germu lauded the West African Youth Forum for the recognition.

She however extended special thanks and appreciation to the Board of Directors of “Life Giver Africa”, the Pastoral Board of the Tubman Memorial United Methodist Church, including her parents Mr. & Mrs. Thomas  Germu for the moral, physical, financial, spiritual as well as the Christian discipline instill in her thereby brightening her golden image as young woman.

Madam Germu said her involvement to serving humanity through charitable ventures, and at the same time, contributing to the growth and development of Liberia through the private and public sectors speaks volume of her passion seeing Liberia moving forward.

The “Life Giver Africa” Executive Director, Marvis K. Germu, described the award as a symbol that has flagged Liberia to the outside world as contributing agent of positive change and solutions originating through positive efforts applied by delegated people wanting to see things transforming for the better.

Madam Germu, said, the organization (Life Giver- Africa), is engage in constructive dialoguing and finding solutions to problems affecting the fabric of the society, thereby instituting a robust measures to alleviate some of the  prevailing  challenges impeding the progress of Mama Liberia.

According to Madam Germu, many at times, her visits at disable centers, home of orphans, as well as visually impaired people walking along the main motor roads in taking the street begging in search of their daily breads brings tears down her cheeks.

Madam Marvis K. Germu said as a result of the deplorable living condition of these people, she is always willing and motivated in soliciting support from family members, friends, community dwellers, as well as philanthropists, NGOs and Child welfare Charitable Organizations to help carter and empower these less fortunate Liberians.

She noted that, “Charity is never showing up what you have given and wanting to give; instead, it is done from the deepest part of the heart.’’

The “Life Giver Africa” Executive Director, Marvis Germu said the award will also serve as a Pride and Motivation for Liberian youths especially Women and girls who are making efforts to impact various communities from their little initiatives, most especially when she and another Liberian female (Mrs. Leelai Kpokuyou, who also won the “Best Entrepreneurial of West Africa 2018), which according to Madam Germu signifies their love for country.

She said the two international recognitions come with a prestige and honorary respect for Liberia, especially giving a culture of history making and has been notarized in the West Africa house of frame for Liberia.

Madam Marvis K. Germu indicated that with the little gains made by many African youths, the African continent is still face with a continental challenge which is extreme “POVERTY”, evidence by the World Bank 2014 Sub-Sahara Africa Poverty and Equality Data report which states that Africa has 47 percent of the population of sub-Saharan African living in enriched poverty.

The “Life Giver Africa” Executive Director, asserted that among the nations in Africa, Liberia is ranked fourth place on the Poverty index, which is an obstacle to human development and a stoppage to global transformation.

According to Madam Germu, is about time that all Liberians apply concerted efforts in addressing the problem through little solutions to amicably help in alleviating each country from an improvised livelihood and promote the creation of equal opportunities for the inclusion of productivity in Africa governance system.

Madam Germu observed that in most African countries, with Liberia not being an exclusion, discrimination has been one of the existing excels to continual poverty in Africa.

The “Life Giver Africa” Executive Director is quoted as saying “everywhere, every time, people who are handicapped, disabled, physically challenged are segregated against highly from job opportunities in our society when they’re even qualified, competent and professional people living with disability”.

Madam Marvis K. Germu said she’s of the strong conviction that because leaders have not taken the lead to include such people in national governing system, so many officials both in the private and public sectors have not seen the need to provide employment opportunities for members of the disable community of Liberia.

She attributed the situation to many kids being out of schools during instructional periods and are found in the street corners fetching earns meat for their families.

Madam Germu said is about time leaders, ask themselves what will become of these kids in the next ten years if they are still being call future leaders with no concrete actions taking in promoting a promising future of the country’s future leaders.

Madam Germu said people found in humanly challenged conditions are not created to become beggars to the end of their lives, adding that disability does not necessarily mean in ability.

Madam Marvis K. Germu said as the Executive Director for ”Life Giver Africa” and youth leader in Africa, she salute the President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E. Ambassador George M. Weah, the First Lady, Madam Clara Weah, and the Vice President Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, for championing charity as a means of serving others.

Madam K.Germu used the occasion to honorably appeal to President Weah, the First Lady, Clara Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to take the lead of employing more physical challenged persons as it will give a signal to the outside world that Liberia is enhancing the fight against discrimination globally.  She said Charity sees the need, not the cause, so everyone should be given equal opportunities to live.

According to her, with this historical award, it has given her ardent motivation to advocate for adequate funding to enhance vibrant youth leadership, dialoguing better policies to minimize all forms of inequalities in Africa, work to strengthening communities and engaging stakeholders for the creation of opportunities for people with disabilities.

As the founder and Executive Director of “Life Giver Africa”, Madam Marvis Germu, however commended the tireless efforts of individuals who have supported the organization thereby donating their cash to the survivability of others in the past years of establishment.

Life Giver-Africa (LIGA) is a Non-governmental and Not for profit charity organization that is Africa- Liberia based, aim at restoring hopes through giving and reaching out to save lives of poverty striking people in rural and urban regions in and around Africa realizing that Africa is one of the Populated continents. The organization was founded in 2014 to build human development and add values through Social welfare initiatives of vulnerable people in regions with fewer opportunities in Africa through building network.


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