Liberian Muslims Break Ramadan Today

MONROVIA –Muslims around the world have completed a month of fasting and praying as Liberian President congratulates and thanked them what he called their moral and spiritual endurance, far-sightedness and prayers offered during the days of fasting and praying.

President Weah in a release issued in Monrovia said, “I also wish to commend all Muslims for remaining law-abiding and patriotic during these very difficult and trying times in our nation’s history.”

The Foreign Affairs release quotes the President as saying, “I ask all Muslims to continue to pray for peace, and a reconciled Liberia that will bring about national development and social cohesion.”

The President furthered that in order to enable them( Liberian Muslims) properly carry out their religious rites, he has granted those who are government employees dispensation to all to stay away from work on Thursday May 13 2021.

He went on to urging all Muslims to avoid violence in their bid to resolve land disputes adding,” because a violent approach to land disputes has the potential to derail and undermine the peace we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy today.”

Fasting in RAMADAN is one of the five pillars of Islam obligatory upon all adult and healthy Muslims.

It was based on this fact that April 13th this year (2021) Liberians who are of the Islamic Faith embarked upon the annual observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Now that the days for enjoying themselves after a long month of being holy, it is expected that parents will share gifts with each other, eat together as one United group and their will be kids in various streets visiting relatives to say Eid Mubarak.

But the Liberian leader in statement to the yesterday concluded by saying,” To all Muslims, I say Eid MUBARAK!!!

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