Liberian Lawmakers Name Liaisons

ByMark N. Mengonfia-

MONROVIA-Members of the Liberian lawmakers have named two focal persons to serve as a liaison between them and the Civil Society Organizations in Liberia when it comes to addressing climate change issues in Liberia.

They named Rep. Ellen A. Attoh- Wreh of Margi County District three and Nimba County District nine lawmaker, Johnson Gwaikolo.

Their naming followed a one-day CSOs and Legislative engagement forum for parliamentarians call for a fossil-fuel-free future.

The lawmakers and members of the CSOs during the discussions spoke passionately about the future of Liberia without the use of fossil fuel.

Some of the things they discussed were the preservation of the Liberian forest, protecting wide lives but such preservation needs to come to with some financial backing to ensure that an alternative livelihood is provided to the citizens of the country.

Representative Suacoco Dennis said, “We have the forest, but what are we getting in exchange?”

The lawmaker said there are places they visited and the forest she and other members of the Liberian legislature saw are far below what Liberia has and those places are getting financial benefits from their forest.

The African Youth Peer Review Committee AYPRC Friday, March 11, 2022 interactive dialogue with some members of the 54th Legislature of Liberia about the importance of taking actions to avoid the devastating impact of climate change on the human race was one of the steps they decided to take.

The National Coordinator of AYPRC, Jeddlee Kinnii said the 17th of September 2021, a group of nationally elected officials in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific in a united voice, called on other parliamentarians to join them in taking decisive action on a global transition away from coal, oil and gas – a source of 80% of carbon dioxide emissions since the industrial revolution.

The global movement ‘Parliamentarians’ Call for a Fossil Fuel Free Future intends to bring together nationally-elected leaders from every continent following the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow in a joint demand for new international commitments and treaties, complementing the Paris Agreement, to address the urgency of a swift and just transition away from fossil fuel energy.

Against this backdrop, AYPRC Coordinator said it is collaborating with its partners, including the Government of Liberia to ensure in-country implementation of the Parliamentarians Call for a Fossil Free Future through engagement for national policy action in Liberia.

The gathering at the Capitol Building, served as a platform to enlighten Liberian Lawmakers to see the need in reducing fossil fuel emission by discouraging the persistent burning of oil, gas and coal that poses a devastating effect to the climate.

At the same time, the CSO group during the gathering encouraged lawmakers stating that their gathering there will trigger the need to take smart action against the growing threat of climate change.

Not just that, but said the gathering will help trumpet the calls to take positive actions in reducing the risk of worsening climatic conditions in the future.

“This gathering will allow Liberian legislators to be a part of the new international commitments and treaties, complementing the Paris Agreement to address the urgency of a swift and just transition away from fossil fuel energy,” AYPRC National Coordinator said.

“It will also serve as an eye-opener to stakeholders on the danger environmental pollution poses to the rest of the world”

The gathering was chaired by Nimba County District nine lawmaker, Johnson Gwaikolo and was attended by a cross-session of members of the House of Representatives including Civil Society Organizations who are focused on climate change advocacies.

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