Liberian Gov’t Lauded for Favorable Business Climate

…Says Redemption Pharmacy

MONROVIA-The Chief Executive Officer for Redemption Pharmacy in the Parker Paint Community on Monrovia – Kakata Highway, Tamba Morris, has lauded the Liberian Government for creating a favorable business climate in the country.

According to Mr. Morris, this has enabled many Liberians’ owned small business enterprises to sell and generate income to keep their businesses functioning and growing speedily.

“As a Pharmacist, who is operating many pharmacies in Monrovia and its environs; the entity is experiencing such good business atmosphere in the health sector as the business is smoothly running without major hindrances’, Mr. Morris pointed out.

He is also calling on the Liberian Government to look deeply into the tax regulations on goods coming in the country, mainly in the area of health.

Mr. Morris indicated that the people health are vital as such Liberian involved in importing medicines, drugs and other medical supplies in the country must be given some leverage when it comes to  taxes.

The Chief Executive Officer for Redemption Pharmacy, said once the necessary medicines, drugs and other medical materials are brought in the country without many bottom–necks, it will make medicines accessible and affordable for the health needs of the people of Liberia and foreign residents.

Mr. Morris: “The role of Pharmacists is of significance when it comes with their responsibilities, because they ensure that the quality of medicines supplied to patients ensuring that the supply of medicines is within the law ensuring that the medicines prescribed to patients are suitable”.

He indicated that Pharmacists are a big complement to the health facilities including hospitals and clinics because it is at these pharmacies that patients who drugs have been prescribed can purchased most often.

Addressing a press conference held over the weekend at the Head Office of the Redemption Pharmacy in Parker Paint, Paynesville, Montserrado County, Mr. Morris appealed to the Pharmacy Board to strengthen its activities nationwide to ensure Pharmacists   operate in line with its regulate the practice.

He wants the Board to work closely with individuals desire to operate pharmacies to help in the  process of getting their legal documents and effectively enforce its inspections, monitoring and supervision component.

Mr. Morris said such enforcement will ensure that the public health law on the handling and sale of pharmaceuticals  products will be adhered to for public safety and access to medicines that are potent and safe for human consumption.

Meanwhile, Mr. Morris has disclosed that the  entity is currently operating over ten pharmacies in Monrovia and surroundings and plans are underway to extend its services across Liberia, beginning with Kakata, Margibi to be followed by Lofa and Bong Counties.




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