LIBERIA Turns 175 Years

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Liberia was declared an independent nation July 26, 1847, but years before this historic date, the country was in existence.

The Country came into being after some settlers from the United States arrived in Liberia in the year 1822 in search of a place to call home for free slaves from the United States of America.

Since they’re coming to Liberia in 1822, this year, 2022 makes it 200 years of existence, and though it was officially signed and declared independent July 26, 1847.

As a country, Liberia has experienced good and bad; high and low.

The country had many years of civil unrest which contributed to the backwardness of the development the oldest Independent nation in West Africa.

The years of civil unrest placed the country at the button of development wherein citizens of the nation cannot boost of stable electricity, pipe born water or road connectivity to link all the 15 counties of the Country far to market.

With all the civil unrest and lack of development, Liberians are proud of their country.

Each year on July 26, Liberians are seen with their Red White and Blue flag- the National ensign in celebrating as people with a sense of belongingness.

This year’s celebration is different because it makes the country bicentennial or 200 years of existence of a country and 175 years as an independent nation.

As part of programs making the celebration of Liberia’s historic day, the bicentennial edition of the Golden Image Award & Dinner, Thanksgiving and Intercessory Prayer  for the national (Mosque  and Church) were already observed.

Tomorrow, the hosting of the National Flag, review of the troops will be done by the President of Liberia.

Also, that same day, the national colors of Liberia will be honored, while parade of the paramilitary will be reflective, after which the official program in commemorating Liberia’s 175 years will take center-stage.

“I am even more excited that this evening we are  not only commemorating Liberia’s Bicentennial, but also beginning the celebration of our Country’s 175th  Independence Anniversary, which, as you are all aware, will be observed on the  on July 26, just a few days from now”, President Weah said at event marking the commemoration of the Golden Image Award.

He reminded Liberians of the February 2022 launch of the commemoration of 200 years of the founding of Liberia.

President Weah recognized and appreciated the forebears, both the settlers who came here, and the indigenous residents whom they met here, for embracing the concepts of harmonious and peaceful coexistence over the years.

“This has given us a nation endowed with a rich history, enviable culture, and unique heritage; a nation that finds strength in its diversity”, the Liberian leader said.

Already, the Liberian leader has identified with different groupings of the country including the Christians and Muslims Communities, Persons living with disability and other Liberians.

There are mixed views about this year’s celebration.

Some Liberians have complained that the celebration does not worth being celebrated because there are no significant tangibles to show that would commensurate the years 175 of existence, while others harbored the thinking that it was important for Liberians to be appreciative to God.

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