Liberia: Slaveholders` Deception

-Not “Land of Liberty,” Not “Love of Liberty”, But Greed

As Liberia celebrates the 211th birth anniversary of its premiere statesman, former president Joseph Jenkins Roberts, a civil rights advocacy group, Universal Human Rights International (UHRI), said the founding of Liberia is a lieperpetrated by brutal and greedy slaveholders for personal aggrandizement.

Rev. TorliH.Krua, in a release issued March 12, 2020 from Boston, Massachusetts, claimed that Liberia was conceived and delivered not as the “land of liberty” because the intention of the founding fathers was to enslave and dominate people of color in the United States and indigenous African Tribes in what became Liberia. 

Captured under the canopy “Healing 200 Years of American Racism: American Racism Atonement Project”, Krua also claimed that the name Liberia did not originate from within the community of people of color for whom Liberia was created. Brutal slaveholders gave Liberia its name not for the good of Liberians but for personal aggrandizement and protection of their personal property-slaves.

Mr. Krua indicated that considering the slaveholding founding fathers who were also high ranking US Government officials and the mission, vision, and project, Liberia that was illegally and unwittingly funded by American taxpayers guarded by the power of the US Navy, the seal of Liberia is false and misleading because it was not “The Love of Liberty” but the “greed of slaveholders” that brought American Settlers to the west coast of Africa.

He added the naming of Monrovia, from Christopolis, “City of Christ” to Monrovia, “City of slaveholder and US President James Monroe” is an insult to the humanity of Liberians. When slaveholders branded their slaves and put their names on their slaves, they signify bondage, not freedom. Perpetuating bondage is a disgrace to generations of human beings who continue to be ravaged by the legacy of slavery and poverty in Liberia.

“The assertion that Liberia was not colonized by any country is a lie. The United States of America was and still is the colonial power of Liberia,” the release iterated.

He also added that the US owes all Liberians both American Settlers, freed slaves and indigenous African Tribes a duty of care because Congress paid the expenses for setting up the colony of Liberia, authorized the US Navy to build barracks and a base in the colony and paid American Agents who were all white men to govern the colony and the flag of the United States was flown over the colony for two decades,” the release claimed.

The civil rights advocacy group maintained in the release that the United States breached its duty of care to all the inhabitants of Liberia by entrusting the lives of free color people who were not slaves in the hands of brutal slave holders who owned slaves.

“The US also breached its duty of care after payment of $10000 to the ACS to colonize American Citizens in a foreign colony Congress also authorized the President to use the US Navy in Liberia but failed to extend the jurisdiction of the courts to execute justice in the colony,” the release noted.

“This failure caused damages and continues to cause damages; massacre and celebration of massacre, torture, rape, derogatory branding of African tribes, unleashing a culture of endemic corruption, ritualistic killings, etc,” the group stressed in the release.

Mr. Krua further lamented that only the United States of America, the colonizer and surviving partner of the American Colonization can be and must be held accountable for stopping the carnage in Liberia, making whole the people whose lives have been ravaged by centuries of colonization and restoring a new and wholesome relationship.

The Universal Human Rights International (UHRI), on March 15, 2020 launched a year-long citizens-led initiative to heal centuries of officially sanctioned racism perpetrated by the Government of the United States against Native Americans, African Americans and citizens of the Republic of Liberia.

The initiative, Unfinished Business: American Racism Atonement Project (ARAP) aims to uncover the whole truth about America’s officially sanctioned racial removal, colonization and banishment of Native Americans and African Americans, encourage genuine public confession, inspire true repentance and foster reasonable restitution in order to begin healing and genuine relationships between descendants of American Immigrants, Native Americans, African Americans, descendants of American Settlers and descendants of indigenous African Tribes in the colony of Liberia.

Activities associated with ARAP across Liberia will be launched on March 15, 2020, the birthday of Liberia’s 1st president and native of the United States, Joseph Jenkins Roberts.

“Politics is not dirty, but some people are dirty and corrupt. And when the dirty people get in politics, they make politics dirty. When the dirty and corrupt people get into families, sports, businesses and any human endeavors, they bring with them all they have-corruption and dirtiness. That’s why we shouldn’t abandon our countries, families, businesses, sports and our future to the dirty and corrupt people of our world.”  Said Zambian Ambassador to the United States. Dr. Inonge.

The group insists that there are a few racists people all over the world, including the United States of America. There are also good people everywhere. When racist people campaigned and won seats in Congress, they didn’t automatically lose their racist character at Congress. Racist Americans elected to Congress enacted racist laws that initiated and continue to negatively impact lives worldwide long after they are dead and gone. In order to mitigate the ongoing negative impact of racism on the lives of Liberians initiated by members of Congress, it will take members of Congress who are not racist to reverse the negative impact on African Americans and Native Americans,

He said UHRI has written to the US Congress requesting an urgent inquiry into the unlawful acts of ongoing racial discrimination which was first initiated by members of Congress to create Apartheid in America.

“In hopes of mitigating the existential national security threat racism poses to the United States of America and its citizens of color as well as other innocent human beings in Liberia, we call on for a congressional inquiry focused on these specific past racist acts of Congress that are still ravaging the lives of Liberians in 2020,” the release further claimed.

Krua also noted the unlawful material and security support of $100000.00 and authorization to use the United States Navy in carrying out the unlawful racial colonization of free people of color of the United States.

The March 3, 1819 Act of Congress initiated an irreparable harm that continues with the 2020 racial discrimination against Liberian refugees.

“The Opinion of Attorney General Hon. William Wirt, Opinion #229 dated October 14, 1819, relative to the racial colonization of free men of color or African Americans using American taxpayers’ money and the authorization by Congress to use the US Navy in colonizing Americans based on the color of their skin,” the release recalled.

He also pointed out the exclusion of colonized African Americans from reliefs that aimed to reverse officially sanctioned racism, including Affirmation Actions, The Emancipation Proclamation, Brown V. Board of Education, Krua narrated the Civil Rights Acts and the 1965 Immigration Act, that effectively opened the United States to the world, but still kept the doors of America shut to Native Americans banished to impoverished Indian Reservations and colonized African Americans and Indigenous African Tribes ravaged by the American Colonization Society in Liberia.

He said “nearly one million new immigrants are admitted in the United States Yearly. Twenty-two (22) million citizens from 38 countries are admitted to the US without visa yearly. Native Americans from 574 Nations, African Americans colonized in Liberia and indigenous Africans whose lives were interrupted and destroyed by American Colonization are still excluded from the “Nation of Immigrants” even though the sweat, tears and blood of their ancestors built America”.

The group founder said the declassification of the 1990 classified cable from the US State Department ordering visitor’s visa denial and discrimination against Liberian nationals seeking to escape violence and join family members in the United States. UHRI founder was also denied visa during the period mentioned above.

“Liberian mothers with American born children airlifted and rescued during Operation Shining Express ordered by President Bush on June 12, 2003 were denied access to humanitarian assistance and work permits for decades when other similarly situated refugees were granted work permits and access to humanitarian assistance. Why the Liberian Refugee Fairness Act requires Liberians, many of whom were unjustifiably denied work permits for decades to pay immigration adjustment of status fees when the filing fees for all other similarly situated refugees from Somalia, Vietnam, Russia, are waived,” the release asked in bewilderment.

The release concluded that mission of ARAP is to uncover the whole truth, encourage confession, inspire repentance and foster reasonable restitution and building of genuine relationships between descendants of American Immigrants, Native Americans, African Americans, and Liberians of American Settlers and indigenous African Ancestors.

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